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David Latona

A wise man once said:

Pumpkins are the most evil of squashes. Never trust anything that's orange.

We will ignore his advice for now, and walk right into the little-known world of avant garde pumpkin-carving. With Halloween season slowly creeping upon us, film nerds and Cucurbita pepo enthusiasts alike will rejoice to learn that, if they happen to drop by the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence (RI), they'll find a sprawling collection of about 5,000 jack-o-lanterns featuring hauntingly beautiful carvings related to film and pop culture. In case you were wondering: no, the hacking, chiseling, etching and engraving of 5K+ winter squashes was not attempted by a single human being, but rather is the collective work of the pumpkinophiliac company Passion for Pumpkins Inc., a multimedia production company. The exhibit is called Jack-o-Lantern Spectacular 2013.

Below are fifteen of the best specimens in this fascinating collection. Can you step up to the challenge and identify all the movies referenced? (WARNING: difficulty level = aprox. kindergarten). If you want to see more pics, check out their Flickr page. Also, you can visit in person during the month of October until November 3rd.

Via: geektyrant.


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