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Sophie Atkinson

Remember the good old days when that rabble-rouser Juergen Teller was the King of Modern Photography? I mean, he still kind of is, but I'm talking about when his bleached out, hyper-lit style was copied everywhere from Vice Magazine to American Apparel to your mum’s holiday snaps(on reflection, perhaps the latter wasn’t intentional).

Now The Walking Dead is battling back against Juergen and instagram and bleaching of photos everywhere! It's been cast photo day at TWD HQ, and their photographer’s got one thing on his mind: NO LIGHT. ANYWHERE.

Check out the dark, atmospheric photos below...

Luckily, some bright spark switched the light on, so then these followed: And, the best for last:

There were some also some omg-inducing stills showing our fave zombie survivors sprinting for their lives and some very deep thinking happening...check it:


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