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Oh that grim reaper, he is such a naughty little troll these days! The internet's morbid obsession with faux celebrity deaths claimed its latest victim yesterday.

A hoax post claiming that has tragically met his untimely end is spreading through the Facebook jungle like wildfire but thankfully, it's absolute horse crap.

The hoax post claiming Vin Diesel is dead. Don't click it if it appears on your Facebook!

The post suggests that clicking on it will yield a video only suitable for adult audiences but, that claim is as false as Diesel's death. Clicking the post, in fact, automatically shares the images via Facebook allowing the rumor to spread like a virulent plague.

An R.I.P Vin Diesel facebook page has also sprung up like a vile mushroom claiming that;

At about 11 a.m. ET on Sunday (January 26, 2014), our beloved actor Vin Diesel passed away. Vin Diesel was born on July 18, 1967 in New York. He will be missed but not forgotten

This time of death was quickly rubbished when the man himself took to his own Facebook at around 4pm on Monday and posted an image along with the caption "Life is Beautiful…". An unlikely sentiment to be expressed from beyond the grave...

While celebrity death hoaxes are insensitive by nature, this one really cuts close to the bone for me.

Vin Diesel has been publicly grieving for his dear friend the late recently and it is extremely bad taste to whip up a death hoax around the star. This hideous example of 'viral' content is clearly exploiting the public outpouring of grief over Walker's death for cheap clicks and, that is unacceptable.

Do you agree that this celebrity death hoax is even more distasteful than most?

(Source: The Epoch Times)

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