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I wasn’t expecting much from Baby Driver aside from the death-defying real stunts the cast and crew were performing. The last good car heist film I saw was Fast Five, and the name Edgar Wright was rather new to me, so when friends kept telling me “it’s an Edgar Wright movie,” I didn’t know what to think.

I soon learned that the director is a very big deal — and after watching Hot Fuzz on Netflix, I made it my mission to see as many Edgar Wright movies as possible before seeing Baby Driver in theaters.

The movie blew my #%@*ing mind and ears away. And in addition to being fun to watch, it's inspiration. Here's how it motivated me to make again.

A Music Producer Is Born Again

I’ve been making beats for a long time. But after years of making mixtapes and albums, I grew tired; nothing special was happening. I’ve sent countless demos and made remixes for some of the biggest names in Latin music, but still no luck.

So I stopped. I switched my focus to movies more and eventually let the musical side of me die off.

Even though I tried, my motivation for music was so low that I just pushed it away. But then I saw Baby Driver.

What captivated me most about the movie was that its protagonist was a music producer like me, and he was the star of the show. I was like, “Hey, that could be me.” And I wanted to be Baby. Ever since I started writing screenplays I’ve had the idea of writing a movie about a music producer — and then I saw that kind of story on the big screen. I was mesmerized and more motivated than ever to make it happen. It gave me the push to open my studio and make a beat again.

There’s been two movies this year that have reawakened my love for music, and those are Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Baby Driver. The GOTG sequel reminded me that music is personal — that the moment you take the “you” out of music, it becomes mere sound. So I started listening to new music and falling in love again with the craft that I had previously abandoned.

Then came Baby Driver, teaching me that making beats is the coolest thing in the world, and prompting me to get on the keyboard again and write new songs.

Since seeing Baby Driver I’ve already bought my ticket to see it again. I’m still working on my script about a music producer who can do badass stuff like Baby. Hopefully it’ll be as good as Wright’s masterpiece. But one thing is for sure: these new beats and songs are going to be pure fire. Thank you, Mr. Wright.

See Baby Driver now in theaters. Seriously, go see it.


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