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Abi Toll

You've got to hand it to her, Kristen Stewart has been pulling out all the stops to win Robert Pattinson back, but it seems like she's come up against a new obstacle in the form of his two sisters.

As we know, K Stew has been busy planning a Thanksgiving feast which she is adamant will be the ultimate way to win back the armoured heart of R-Patz.

Unfortunately for it now appears that she has to also win back two more hearts: 's sisters Lizzy and Victoria.

A source has told that:

K-Stew is trying to outdo herself, baking Rob’s favorite desserts. It’s just another way that she’s trying to show Rob how much she loves him, is sorry for cheating and is demonstrating her commitment to their on-again relationship.

HollywoodLife have been thoroughly doing their research and can even reveal that K-Stew will make:

A British sherry trifle and jam rolly-polly pudding with homemade custard to do the trick.

Lizzy and Victoria Pattinson


Come on Lizzy and Victoria Pattinson, I know that as Robs kin you have to present a united front and make a stand against the perpetrator of Rob's broken heart. But people do make mistakes, especially in a very unreal world such as Hollywood, I imagine it's very difficult to stay grounded. This isn't a justification of K-Stews errors however one things for sure, you certainly can't knock the woman's efforts.



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