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Now, while this one probably can't be chalked up to Marcus and Mike doing something brash and foolhardy while on a stakeout, it seems that the upcoming has, nonetheless, lost one of its key players. Thankfully, director doesn't seem to have left the project because of injuries sustained in a drug bust gone wrong, or because Marcus accidentally shot him in the foot.

Instead, it seems that the acclaimed writer/director of The Grey and Smokin' Aces (not to mention The A-Team, a personal favorite) has left the project as the result of either scheduling conflicts or ill-defined "creative differences." Either way, though:

'Bad Boys 3' Just Lost Its Director, Which Is A Shame

'Bad Boys II' [Credit: Columbia Pictures]
'Bad Boys II' [Credit: Columbia Pictures]

Y'see, with Carnahan gone, it seems increasingly unlikely that the project will make it into theaters for November 2018, as the producing was hoping — a release date that was already the result of a substantial delay.

That release window, after all, presupposed a start date for filming this fall — something that looks less likely now, considering the departure of Carnahan, and the possibility that his replacement may opt to overhaul the script that he provided. With sources recently suggesting to THR that a search may well be on for a new writer to go along with that new director, it seems increasingly possible that production may be delayed into 2018.

Which, so long as it leads to a finished movie that is actually worth watching, is ultimately probably for the best — just so long as 's schedule doesn't get too tight with all the DCEU movies he's apparently got in the pipeline. After all, it'd probably be for the best if Jaden didn't have to deputize in this one.

What do you think, though? Would you rather see Bad Boys 3 soon, or wait for it to be done right? Let us know below!

(Sources: THR)


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