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Now, the '80s may have had Lethal Weapon, 48 Hrs and Tango & Cash, but when it comes to nostalgia-inducing buddy cop movies, the '90s has a major contender of its very own for the title of "most missed" franchise: . After all, we haven't seen and 's titular duo since 2003's , which is far too long to wait to find out how the pair's hotheaded antics would work once they hit middle age.

Last year, however, the franchise was revealed to finally be returning to our screens, with a release date of January 2018 generating the sort of Will Smith-themed excitement usually reserved for Fresh Prince of Bel Air reboot rumors. Bad Boys For Life, a.k.a. , was officially on its way, and it wasn't even going to be all that long of a wait. Everything, it seemed, was coming up Marcus and Mike.

As it turns out, though:

'Bad Boys 3' Has Just Been Substantially Delayed, It Seems

'Bad Boys 2' [Credit: Columbia Pictures]
'Bad Boys 2' [Credit: Columbia Pictures]

That, at least, seems to be the word emerging from Sony's recent shakeup of its scheduling, which appears to have bumped Bad Boys 3 almost an entire year down the calendar. Where once we were due to see the boys return in January, we're now apparently going to have to wait until November 2018 to watch them be vaguely (but not actually all that) bad.

The reasons for the apparent move remain unclear, but it's entirely possible that the move was simply the result of scheduling conflicts, rather than any creative concerns on Sony's part.

For fans of the franchise, though, it means at least another year of waiting, either way.

What do you think, though? Can you bear to wait almost two years to see Bad Boys 3? Let us know below!



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