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When you think of "gun fu" action thrillers, your first thought might be of John Wick. The stylized action movie starring Keanu Reeves as a slick, gun-toting assassin blasted onto the movie scene in 2014. It blew our minds with its unique action sequences and storytelling, and producers followed up with John Wick: Chapter 2 earlier this year. But the world of John Wick and his assassins network is set to get much bigger, and the newest gunslinger might be a woman.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lionsgate has picked up an action-packed script entitled Ballerina, and plans to use it as an expansion of the series.

Written by Shay Hatten, the script focuses on "a young woman raised as an assassin who must hunt down the other assassins that murdered her family." According to THR Ballerina is described as being similar to Luc Besson's La Femme Nikita, but with an even more stylized feel.

Note: Some spoilers ahead for the John Wick films.

A(nother) Lady Assassin In John Wick's World

The story almost sounds like it was carved out from the core of a John Wick movie. Ballerina shouldn't have an issue fitting into Wick's universe. The character sounds like someone would team up with, or end up facing in all-out gun fight riddled with bullets and blood. Hatten or another writer could likely tweak Ballerina for use in the expanding world of John Wick. With the assassin's guild in the in the Wick-verse turning into a global business, there's room for much more.

In John Wick, we saw the High Table, the secret organization that runs the world, limited to New York City, via the Continental Hotel. It's our intro to a system of assassins that operates on a gold coin economy backed by a rigid code of conduct enforced by the owner of the Continental Hotel, Winston ().

The universe expands when Wick travels to Italy in John Wick Chapter 2, where he ultimately breaks the rules of the Continental. The movie ends with Winston set to punish the anti-hero, surrounding Wick in a park with a network of assassins ready to take Wick out.

The young assassin in the John Wick spin off just might be another killer looking to take down those same assassins from the High Table. You never know, she may help with Wick's mission to take down the High Table in an all-out battle royale. Can you imagine two uber-assassins busting skulls across the big screen?

Could This Link 'Atomic Blonde' To 'John Wick'?

We already heard of the world of John Wick prequel being developed as TV series titled The Continental. Is it possible to somehow tie the MI6 agent Lorraine Broughton played by Charlize Theron, from Atomic Blonde, into the Wick-verse? Maybe. In an interview with Screen Rant, Atomic Blonde director David Leitch — who also co-directed John Wick — said he might be interested in bringing these two worlds together:

(Laugh) It would be great! I get this question once in a while, and I think it’s just more their time period lines. I would absolutely do it. Maybe there’s a time we see versions, or there’s uh, you know, the other real fantasy is that maybe there’s a project with both, that a new idea. You know, that Charlize and Keanu could…, a story that we could have with the same action space and we can see them either partner up or go toe to toe.

How cool would it be to see Lorraine Broughton and John Wick fighting side-by-side or against each other in hand-to-hand combat? Ballerina could be the bridge that may allow these two characters to cross over.

Do you want to see a new entry into the John Wick world?

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