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Some things in life are scary, some things are awesome, and in the middle of that Venn diagram is a small area where things are both scary and awesome.

That applies pretty well to the best horrors, like Netflix's , but also to sexuality — coming to terms with who you are, who you like, and identifying as gay or sitting somewhere on the LGBT spectrum.

'Riverdale' [Credit: The CW]
'Riverdale' [Credit: The CW]

Shannon Purser — who brought poor, unloved Barb to life on Stranger Things, and also plays Ethel on The CW's Archie Comics series — just used Twitter to officially "come out" for the first time, after getting into a slightly heated discussion about a gay kiss between two straight characters on Riverdale.

'I Only Just Came Out As Bisexual... It's Something I'm Still Processing'

Here's the full tweet Purser sent her fans about her sexuality.

'It's OK To Take It Slow. It Can Be Really Scary'

Earlier this month, Purser had used Twitter to share some encouraging words for others who may be struggling with their sexuality, but at the time hadn't actually told her fans that she identified as LGBT herself.

Major kudos to the actress — she's still so young (she's 20-years-old in June), and talking about this stuff online isn't easy when you're still figuring shit out.

More gay stuff:

For all the girls and guys, the cool kids and the Barbs out there who might be struggling with their identity, Purser has used her new fame to send out the kind of message that might just make a difference. Stranger things have happened, right?

How was coming out for you? Share your story below.


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