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We are all Barb. Or, at least, we sure as hell wished we were after the once-grandma-ish sidekick hit the red carpet of the looking like a million bucks. The 19-year-old Shannon Purser gained fame for playing the glasses-wearing, grandma-sweater-sporting, mysteriously murdered BFF of Nancy in .

When no one in Hawkins — other than Nancy — seemed to care that Barb was AWOL, the internet erupted in cries of . Will Barb ever get the respect she's due back in Hawkins? Probably not, but Shannon Purser is not one to be so easily forgotten.

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Co-star Natalia Dyer looks a little taken aback that this red-headed bombshell was hiding under all that flannel, all this time.

Steve's hair is full of secrets. Like the fact that he's now got a secret crush on Barb.

Slay, Shannon! Slay.


Was Barb your favorite character in 'Stranger Things'?


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