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Whether you were awaiting the arrival of Ra's Al Ghul, loved the relationship between Oswald Cobblepot and Edward Nygma (Nygmobblepot forever) or freaked out over the return of Cameron Monaghan's sadistic Jerome Valeska, the third season of Gotham had something to offer for everyone. However, the most shocking moment of the season saw Barbara Kean killed off in a, ahem, shocking way when she was electrocuted by Tabitha. Considering Barbara was one of the show's saving graces, we were devastated when she took her last breath.

Way back in Season 1, Barbara was engaged to Jim Gordon. Fans of the comic books will know that the Commissioner Gordon character is meant to marry Barbara and together they would have a daughter — also named Barbara — who would eventually become Batgirl. After Gotham's Barbara went off the rails in Season 2, it seemed that had begun to deviate from its source material and has continued doing so so ever since.

[Credit: Fox]
[Credit: Fox]

However, all hope for the Queen of Gotham's return is not lost, because at the Heroes and Villains Fan Fest in Nashville this weekend, the Gotham cast were asked how this version of Gordon would end up naming his daughter after Barbara and David Mazouz (who plays Bruce Wayne on the show) commented with:

“Maybe she can get good again... and they’ll get back together at some point soon.”

Considering viewers think Barbara is already dead, Mazouz's comments pretty much confirm that we haven't seen the last of the crazy character.

How Will Barbara Return?

Due to the theories and speculation relating to the Barbara Kean character, many fans thought that she would transform into Harley Quinn in the Season 3 finale. However, we were proved wrong; Babs never became Harley. Instead, Barbara engaged in a physical combat with her girlfriend Tabitha after the nightclub owner seemingly killed their accomplice, Butch Gilzean.

During the altercation, Tabitha used her whip to knock over a nearby lamp that electrocuted her foe, sending shockwaves right through Barbara. Barbara fell to the floor, unconscious, and it appeared as if she was dead. Although the character had such a, ahem, barbar-ic death scene, Mazouz's comment seems to suggest that Barbara didn't die after all.

People have been known to come back from the dead in Gotham — take Jerome Valeska for example. If this is the case, then Mazouz's comments suggest that Barbara could return to her former self after the accident; perhaps the shockwaves messed with her brain and restored the young woman's sanity. Barbara and Jim may even get back together, especially now that Lee Tomkins is out of the picture!

Regardless of how she returns, there's no denying that Erin Richards's character has stolen the spotlight on multiple occasions since she went off the rails and we're extremely delighted to know that she's still alive. Roll on, Season 4.

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