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Sophie Atkinson

If you read my last piece on The Counselor, you might already know that I’m about as hyped up as an eight year old on Christmas Eve (or, ok, me on Christmas Eve) about this movie. Srsly, guys. + + + Michael ‘Oscar Bait’ Fassbender + + Blade Runner director + (I KNOW) one of the literary world’s most important talents ...

Has the universe imploded yet from Too Much Good? I may just stop sleeping until this opens on October 25.

Haven’t seen the trailer yet? Be my guest.


It follows a counselor () who gets entangled in lots of trouble after entering the drug trade and coming in contact with some colorful characters (Brad Pitt) and cut throat villains (Javier Bardem). Predictably, chaos ensues!

We’ve got some new pictures to whet your appetite (if it isn’t already, er, whetted).

Will you be racing me to the cinema on October 25? Seriously man, I'll trip you up cos that's how bad I have to see this. You too? Or feeling like it'll be a bit meh?


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