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If you're a hardcore Bates Motel fan, you may be feeling a little sad at the realization that the fifth season will also be its final one. However, before we see the close for good, there's so much too look forward to in what's sure to be an explosive final season!

1. Norman Bates Goes Full Psycho

Season 5 of Bates Motel picks up 18 months after Norma's death. Executive producer Kerry Ehrin has said that Norman is now "very fragile and lonely." Although we know Marion Crane will be introduced at some point in the season, it seems definite that we will see other unfortunate guests die at the hands of the unstable Norman Bates.

We can be excited about the surely interesting characters that will be checking in and most likely never checking out of the gloomy roadside motel. We can only imagine what gruesome deaths await these unsuspecting residents.

[Credit: A&E]
[Credit: A&E]

The promos are creepier than they've ever been, and we've seen what poor Norma looks likes beyond the grave. At the end of the fourth season, Norman dug his mother up from her grave and now has her dead body living in the house with him. In the recent promos, we see Norma is being kept frozen and surrounded by Norman's taxidermed animals like some sort of twisted princess in the forest out of a fairy tale.

Season 4 featured some extremely chilling moments of Norman emotionally changing into his mother — and now that's she's dead, Norman has even more time and opportunity to fully transition himself into his beloved mother.

Actor Freddie Heighmore has brilliantly portrayed Norman Bates and his steep slope into madness. In previous seasons, Norman was often forced to hide his more manipulative and violent ways. We can certainly look forward to seeing a more unleashed version of Norman Bates during the show's final act.

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2. An Ending (Happy Or Tragic) For Dylan And Emma

[Credit: A&E]
[Credit: A&E]

Even the most unromantic people in the world had to be somewhat moved by the love story of Dylan and Emma. For years, Emma chased after Norman, trying to win his affection. When Norman did give the sweetest girl ever a chance — by agreeing to date her — he still treated her like trash and hardly ever hung out with her.

Bates Motel fans were shocked when sparks started to fly between Emma and Norman's sexy brother, Dylan, who ended up falling so in love with Emma that he nearly died during a drug run to get money in order to put her at the top of the hospital's list to receive new pair of lungs. Dylan and Emma even chose to pick up and move to a new city together. Now that's love!

But what Dylan and Emma don't know is that Norma has passed away and Norman is hiding the truth about the circumstances of her death from them. It will be exciting to see if Dylan and Emma's love will survive the events of the last season. Will they ever learn the truth about Norma or will they continue to live blissfully far away from the Bates Motel?

Given Norman's track record, we might just be grateful to see them live past the series finale. Whatever happens, we can look forward to seeing the fate that awaits one of the cutest couples on television.

3. Bates Motel And Hitchcock Finally Cross Over

[Credit: A&E/Paramount]
[Credit: A&E/Paramount]

The final season will give fans what they've been waiting five years to see: Marion Crane's arrival at the Bates Motel. Although Bates Motel is more of an origin story, not a direct remake of the classic 1960 film Psycho, fans of the show have always hoped that we would see a glimpse of the movie on the small screen.

Well, we've been promised more than a glimpse. Although executive producer Ehrin also acknowledged that the Marion Crane we see in Bates Motel will be very different from the original — and given a more developed story line — we're just happy we get to see her at all!

How will the world react when the horrific details of Norman's crimes are finally revealed? We'll have to wait until Season 5 premieres February 20th on A&E.

What are you most excited about seeing in the fifth and final season of Bates Motel? Sound off in the comments below!


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