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This week on Bates Motel the power struggle between Norman and Mother came to a head, Dylan arrived back home and Romero is back in the game. Here is your rundown of the latest episode of .

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1. Mother, I Just Killed Someone

'Bates Motel' [Credit: A&E Networks / NBC Universal TV]
'Bates Motel' [Credit: A&E Networks / NBC Universal TV]

Right, where were we? Horrified at what he has done, Norman stands — frozen — against the bathroom wall staring at Sam's dead body. Mother comes in with cleaning gear. "You can think about the meaning of life later, but right now we've got shit to do." Mother is always right — well, most of the time. With Sam's body in the trunk, Norman and Mother drive over to the lake. Upon arrival, they see police car lights flashing. Mother and Norman watch from afar as the police pull a body from the lake. Norman throws up. "It's gonna be a long night." Again, Mother is always right.

Knowing the police recovered Jim Blackwell's body (the hitman), Norman starts to loose it. Mother slaps him in the face, and he hits her back (Remember, he is just hitting himself). If the police connect the crimes to Norman then he will "either be killed or put in a mental institution" (and as Mother puts it), resulting in the end of their relationship. They then dump Sam's body into an old well and Norman expresses his guilt. Mother just rolls her eyes, "If I had a quarter I'd make a wish." Typical sassy Mother.

2. I Love You, Mother

'Bates Motel' [Credit: A&E Networks / NBC Universal TV]
'Bates Motel' [Credit: A&E Networks / NBC Universal TV]

Aware that the police are onto him after a visit from Sheriff Green, Norman carries a wheelchair down from upstairs and is interrupted by Mother. She questions him. "We have to rid the house of any suspicion." We all know what that means — getting Norma's frozen dead body out of the basement! Mother understands and leaves Norman to it.

Cut to Norman pushing Norma's body in the wheelchair through the snowy woods. He finds a suitable spot and starts to dig."I'll be back for you as soon as I can. I promise. I love you." He gives her a kiss on the cheek and proceeds to cover her body with a blanket. Despite this scene being completely f*cking morbid, it was actually pretty emotional. We still miss the real Norma!

3. You're Not Well, Norman

'Bates Motel' [Credit: A&E Networks / NBC Universal TV]
'Bates Motel' [Credit: A&E Networks / NBC Universal TV]

Home, sweet home — not! Dylan arrives at the motel just as Norman pulls in after burying Norma. Awkward looks are shared between car windows, but the two make their way into the house. "You've been living here all alone, all this time?" Despite being shut out, Dylan still cares deeply for Norman — and the feeling is mutual. Dylan tells him about Emma and their baby, and you can tell Norman is genuinely happy for a quick second.

Norman breaks down and apologizes for everything. Right when things were starting to reach an emotional peak, Mother appears from around the corner, cautioning Norman's every word to Dylan. Norman whispers to Dylan, "Sometimes I do miss our mother." Dylan can tell something is up and informs Norman that he will be staying for a few days. Norman, visibly upset, excuses himself and heads upstairs. Dylan follows him upstairs and walks into Norma's room. When he sees her robe hanging up he breaks and begins to cry. Tissues, anyone?

4. Just You And Me

'Bates Motel' [Credit: A&E Networks / NBC Universal TV]
'Bates Motel' [Credit: A&E Networks / NBC Universal TV]

Norman wakes from his nap to find Mother smiling right beside him. She tells him that he was out for a while and that they need to talk. Oh boy, where could this be going? Mother tells Norman that Dylan doesn't belong here anymore. "I know he's your brother and I know you love him, but you can't let him in." Basically, Mother is telling Norman to kill Dylan.

Elsewhere, Dylan is out trying to get Norman's prescription restarted, but runs into an issue. He is told that Norman's therapist went missing a year ago, and has since been presumed dead. What the actual f*ck? Norman was sitting in a cafe with Dr. Edwards a few episodes back. Was it all in his head? Despite the confusion, Dylan gets some meds for Norman and heads back to the motel, only to find Madeleine walking up to the house. She tells Dylan that her husband has gone missing. "Norman is in a really fragile state right now." Dylan persuades Madeleine to leave, saying that he will have a talk with Norman.

5. End Him!

'Bates Motel' [Credit: A&E Networks / NBC Universal TV]
'Bates Motel' [Credit: A&E Networks / NBC Universal TV]

Dylan runs into the house and finds Norman in the kitchen, where a whole candle-lit dinner has been set up. This has Mother written all over it! The two sit down at the table and Dylan starts to question Norman about Sam. It is clear that Norman is having a conflict within himself, where he wants to tell Dylan the truth, but Mother is stopping him. Norman — ahem, I mean Mother — grows more agitated and Dylan becomes uneasy at what he is seeing. He moves closer to Norman and shows him the meds. "I just want to help you get better. I'm your brother and I love you." Don't we all want a brother like Dylan?

The power struggle between Norman and Mother is clearly reaching a boiling point. "Please stay out of this, Mother." Norman starts to blackout. Now, Norman is talking to Dylan as Mother. This is the first time Dylan has ever experienced this, so he is in complete shock. Norman, I mean, Mother slowly moves closer to Dylan. "I love you but unfortunately I can only be a Mother to one person." Suddenly, we see Norman smash his glass against Dylan's head.

Mother grabs a knife, but Norman throws Mother onto the table and the two wrestle for it. Remember, Dylan can only see Norman! The altercation is quickly over when Norman forces the knife from Mother's grip and shoves her off the table. She disappears. Dylan, now with a bloody wound, watches from the floor as Norman picks up the phone and dials 911. "I'd like to report a murder. My name is Norman Bates and I killed Sam Loomis."

Wow, who was expecting that ending? Bates Motel is definitely keeping us on our feet! We didn't see much of him in this episode but by the looks of next week's episode, the ultimate showdown between Norman and Romero is near. Also, the daunting feeling that Bates Motel is almost over forever is real! Do you like how this season is going? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Season 5, Episode 8 of Bates Motel airs Monday, April 10 on A&E at 10pm. Check out the promo below:


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