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The moment Bates Motel fans have been waiting for is finally here! The fifth and final season kicked off with a bang, and let me tell you, the A&E series shows no signs of holding back for its final season. The premiere of Season 5 perfectly sets up what we can expect to come as we meet all of our favorite Bates characters some two years after the chaotic and tragic events of Season 4, and falls deeper into insanity — on his journey to becoming what we will come to know as the ultimate psycho.

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1. It's All In Your Head, Norman

Music is playing and the sun is shining — could this really be our ? We kick off Season 5 in a complete fantasy world, with Norman waking from his slumper and being greeted with kisses from Juno — you know, the dog he taxidermied. With the smell of breakfast wafting in the air, Norman heads into the kitchen and is greeted by Norma. She's alive?

Before Norman heads off to start with the new renovations for the motel, Norma expresses that she "misses leaving the house." Norman reassures her that at least they're in paradise — in actuality, we're far from it. Norman kisses Norma goodbye and as he shuts the front door — here comes the kicker — Norma fades away. The scene turns cold and dark before cutting away to the title card. You got it! We are living inside Norman's twisted mind.

2. You Can Never Forget Your Past

Since leaving White Pine Bay at the end of Season 4, Dylan has found a job he likes, is in a happy relationship with Emma, and even has a baby. Of course, Dylan's messy past is always in hot pursuit. While celebrating Emma's birthday, Caleb unexpectedly drops by. He confesses that he saw pictures of their baby on Emma's Facebook page and couldn't resist the visit.

Caleb mentions Norma and how happy she must be to have a grandchild, but Dylan is quick to inform him that he does not keep in touch with Norma or Norman. Yup — Dylan still has no idea that Norman killed their mom. Caleb also confesses that he is low on funds, so Emma, being the absolute sweetheart she is, agrees to let Caleb stay with them. Thinking this will be long term, Emma has a private word with Caleb.

3. Wherefore Art Thou, Romero?

The last time we saw Sheriff Alex Romero he was being handcuffed and sent down for perjury. Unfortunately, the bad news just keeps rolling in for Romero. He finds out that he has been denied parole and will spend at least two more years in the slammer. We definitely feel for him — come on, the man lost the only person he has ever truly loved and was thrown into jail shortly thereafter. However, it appears he has a plan up his sleeves.

4. Norman Has His Eye On You

Surely anyone could come up with a better fake name than this! A man claiming to be Mr. David Davidson arrives at the motel, looking to book a room for "a few hours." A sassy Norman replies that the motel isn't "that kind of establishment." After lengthening his initial reservation, Mr. Davidson receives a key and is seen escorting an unidentified woman to his room, where they proceed to get intimate. But they aren't entirely alone.

Norman removes a painting from the wall of his office to reveal a peephole. He then, ahem, master Bates while watching the couple through said peephole. This scene was disturbing to say the least, but it was also the perfect setup for this hilarious line. When Mother calls for Norman to come back up to the house, Norman replies, "OK Mother, I'm just coming." Cue the audience lols.

5. Mother Will Always Protect Her Son

What would Bates Motel be if it didn't leave us with a major plot twist at the end of the episode? Prepare yourselves, because this one's a doozy. After a heated argument, Mother decides it's time for Norman to know the truth about a blackout he recently experienced. She grabs him by the ear and marches him straight back into the house and toward the basement. She opens the freezer and asks Norman if he recalls the night he went to replace the shower curtains.

We then see a succession of flashbacks in which a hit man is about to shoot Norman. Of course, Mother appears and fatally stabs the man. A hit man? Why would someone order the murder of Norman? Norman and Mother find themselves in familiar circumstances — namely, a rowboat about to dump a body. However, before they get their business over and done with, a cell phone on the man's body starts to ring. Norman answers and you'll never guess who is on the other end of the line — Romero.

With all that went on in the first episode of Season 5, what on Earth could happen next week? When will Dylan find out about Norma's death? Does Romero escape prison? Where is Rihanna? Whatever the case, we're excited to see how the coming season will unfold.

Season 5, Episode 2 of Bates Motel airs Monday February 27 on A&E at 10 p.m. Check out the trailer below and tell us in the comments section your thoughts on the premiere episode of the season.


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