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The A&E series Bates Motel has been a pretty big hit among audiences, which came as a bit of a surprise. Many people were a bit nervous about a modern-day telling of Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho, but the show has proved to be a driving force full of spectacular acting talent, cinematography and storytelling.

Unfortunately for those of us who love the show, it is coming to an end when the fifth and final season airs in March 2017. So far, this show has been full of a lot of twists and turns, and we were often left wondering what was coming next.

Given how the end of Season 4 left us, the final season should prove to be no different on the suspense and "wow" factor. So let's talk about some possibilities for what might happen in the final season of .

We are already set to have some new characters and actors jump on board this season, while there's a lot up in the air regarding what could possibly happen in White Pine Bay. Here are five questions we need answered before the series ends!

This will contain spoilers for the previous four seasons of the show.

5. How Will It Portray Marion Crane?

In case you missed the announcement that was made at San Diego Comic-Con, A&E has already found its Marion Crane and her name is . The singer-turned-actress was cast in Bates Motel back in July, shortly after executive producer Carlton Cuse teased that the final season would follow the classic lore.

Marion was somewhat of a main character in the original 1960 story (for much of the film, you think she is the main character), so I would assume we'll see Rihanna for a decent amount of the season to set up her story — not just for one episode. If you need a refresher, arrived at the Bates Motel as a woman on the lam after stealing $40,000 from her employer. After having dinner with Norman, and experiencing Mother, she is fatally stabbed in the shower.

4. Will Anyone Find Norma's Body?

took his brand of psychosis to another level when he attempted a murder-suicide for both himself and his mother, Norma, via carbon monoxide poisoning. Thanks to Sheriff Romero, Norman walked away alive but he was successful in murdering Norma in her sleep. Norman took things a step farther when he exhumed his mother's dead body and brought her back home to be with him.

This raises some questions, because Chick has already caught Norman with Norma's body in the house. Norman is sure to have a few more visitors to offer their condolences (or potential hotel patrons), so the possibility of someone else discovering Norma's body is rather high. Some examples of potential visitors include Norman's brother Dylan, his uncle Caleb, or Emma.

3. What Happens With Dylan And Emma?

Speaking of Dylan and Emma, we are just dying to find out how they are doing. Am I right? The new couple has become attached rather quickly with Dylan agreeing to move away from White Pine Bay (and his family) to be with Emma.

Dylan played somewhat of a detective when it came to Emma in Season 4, and not just because he became so attracted to her. After encountering Emma's absent mother in the hospital while she underwent a lung transplant, he discovered that she went to the Bates Motel and suddenly disappeared. Dylan and Emma seem like a potentially great thing, but I'm not counting out Dylan becoming involved in Norman's madness once again.

2. Is Norman's Time In Pineview Really Over?

Despite desperately needing psychiatric attention, Norman managed to trick his mother into getting him out of the facility, which she did a lot to put him into. In addition to seeking out the attention of Norman's psychiatrist, she married Sheriff Romero, so she had health insurance to pay for Norman's treatment. When Norma got her son out of , things took a dramatic and rapid turn for the worse.

Seeing how both Sheriff Romero and Dylan both realized that Norman was released from Pineview too early (and that Norma and Emma's mother are both dead as a result), there is the question of whether he will be readmitted at some point. If he is readmitted, the bigger question is how he would get out once again?

1. Who Else Will Norman kill?

If you've watched Bates Motel at all, you are well aware of how murderous Norman Bates has been. In just four seasons, Norman has killed his father, Blaire Watson, Jimmy Brennen, Bradley Martin, Audrey Ellis and his mother. Throughout almost every single one of these murders, Norman has experienced his "blackout" where his psyche becomes his mother and he has no memory of what he has done.

Season 5 is no doubt going to be another bloody season and a lot of that will no doubt be at the hands of Norman himself. It's already a given that Norman will kill Marion Crane (unless they change the story), but there are several other White Pine Bay residents and family members that could be on the chopping block. Some of these include Dylan, Emma, Sheriff Romero, Chick, Dr. Edwards and Caleb.


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