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Benn Lee Autrey

Remember the classic horror film, Psycho? No, I'm not talking about Vince Van Sant's 1998 adaptation starring Vince Vaughn, I'm talking about the film that practically jump-started 's directing legacy and even inspired many modern American horror films and TV shows today, one of which recently caught my attention.

In October of 2012, A&E created a series based upon characters from Alfred Hitchcock's masterpiece, Psycho. This series was called Bates Motel, named after the motel that a boy and his loving mother established, hoping to start a new life. The television series starred August Rush and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory's one and only , and Vara Farmiga (from the Conjuring). It was said to be a prequel to Psycho, but its director, Anthony Cipriano, described the series to be no more than a "modern re-imagining of the characters that Hitchcock created."

SPOILERS : The first season ended with an insane Norman Bates murdering his teacher for (what appeared to be) no reason whatsoever (sorry for the spoiler, by the way). It was a great television series, and yet such a simple ending that left with nothing to be explained. The series created such an eerie environment for Norman Bate's character, such a connection with his mother, and such a strange empathy between the viewers and the characters to experience. This is why there must be a second season. Everything was so built up throughout the whole season, each episode had a new mystery, I was kept awake thinking of what could possibly happen next. What new characters could bring to the story, what disasters could occur? The ending made me feel as if I was watching the series finale of Lost all over again. Bates Motel has to be revived for another season, it has so much potential, and it was the only show I actually enjoyed on A&E. And why not? It got a 7/10 star rating, and wouldn't it be nice to have something other than Duck Dynasty reruns to watch? (Tell me what you think below).


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