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Hollywood is reaching for a box of red hair dye as Barbara Gordon is finally coming to our screens. The dust hasn't even settled yet around the surprise announcement that is bringing to our screens, but the movie already has a frontrunner for who could play the titular role.

As fan casting goes into overdrive and every Batfan everywhere starts drawing Emma Stone as Barbara, another name is streaking ahead of the pack. According to latest rumors, actress could be slipping on a cowl in Whedon's tentatively scheduled film.

'Batman & Robin' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'Batman & Robin' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

That's So Raven

'The 100' [Credit: CW]
'The 100' [Credit: CW]

Known for playing the feisty Raven Reyes on Jason Rothenberg's show, Morgan's involvement in Batgirl stems from a very cryptic tweet she posted a few weeks ago. Taking to Twitter, she teased that there was a huge project coming her way.

Wow, big whoop, better call off the casting search, hey? While it may seem like this has no bearing on Batgirl, when you dig a little deeper into her social media account, it makes sense. She retweeted a Variety article on the announcement of Whedon's film, then followed this with a retweet advocating for herself to sport the Babs mantle. Finally, the rumor is backed up by the fact that she has pretty much favorited any tweet referencing her as Batgirl. While it could just mean Morgan is the world's No. 1 Batgirl fangirl, there are some definite coincidences at play here.

Bat's Ma Girl

'The 100' [Credit: CW]
'The 100' [Credit: CW]

So, shall we get to know Lindsey Morgan a little better then? Starting in commercials and as an extra in the acclaimed Friday Night Lights, Morgan's first movie role was alongside Josh Hutcherson in the satirical horror Detention. She earned an Emmy nomination for her part as Kristina Davis on General Hospital, before landing her role as Raven on The 100.

Describing her character, Morgan stated:

"Raven is a total badass. She is a guy’s girl who is brilliant because she’s also a prodigy when it comes to mechanical engineering. She’s the youngest mechanical engineer the space station has had in 52 years, and she loves getting dirty and down with it. She’s feisty, she’s sassy, she’s strong; she’s a really cool girl. She can definitely hold her own."

Apart from being an engineer on a space station, that description sounds a lot like Barbara Gordon to me. While some may call out her biracial heritage as not fitting with Batgirl — Morgan is half Mexican — let's hope that we're all forward thinking enough for this to be a non-issue. Also, as much as we would love the likes of Stone or Rose Leslie to play Batgirl, a slightly lower-profile actor could work better. Casting a big name in any role will likely divide audiences, I mean, come on, just look at how Ben Affleck is STILL trying to convince people he is the right man for the Batman job.

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Girls On Film

'Batman & Robin' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'Batman & Robin' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

The Gordon family has a long history in the world of and the silver screen, however Barbara's upcoming appearance as Batgirl will actually be her first live-action outing in film ever. We recently saw Rosario Dawson portray Babs in the animated The LEGO Batman Movie, but Whedon's version will be a landmark movie for Batgirl.

Fans will know that Yvonne Craig portrayed the character in the third season of the TV series in 1967 and that the character of Batgirl also appeared in 's maligned Batman & Robin. Although Batgirl was definitely there, it was a variation on Barbara Gordon, with Alicia Silverstone playing Barbara Wilson, a relative of Alfred. Silverstone's Batgirl got caught in the crossfire of criticism thrown at Batman & Robin, while also earning herself the nickname "Buttgirl," not exactly what fans were looking for in 's flame-haired heroine.

Lindsey Morgan's casting would not only bring some much-needed diversity to the world, but the 27-year-old would actually be a solid fit. While it is unknown what Whedon's grand plan is, expect Batgirl to feed into the from her own film and a role that will undoubtedly lead to a multi-picture deal. Welcome to the Bat Family, Barbara!

Check out Babs and Batman in action in The Killing Joke and don't forget our poll below!


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