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Karly Rayner

Oh Rihanna, I can't help but feel that your moniker 'Bad Gal RiRi' doesn't really do you justice.'Bronzed Goddess RiRi' would suit you better or, maybe 'She Whose Buttocks Make Grown Men Shed Tears Of Awe RiRi' has a better ring to it?

I always have to pick my quivering jaw off the floor after setting eyes on a beach based Rihanna photo shoot. Watching our homegirl RiRi skilfully wipe the floor with her crotch in music videos is one thing but, her candid shots are something else. This naughty nymph always seems to be having such a good time sashaying through her natural habitat that it makes me want to gatecrash the party. I hope she wouldn't be too offended if I asked to do a shot from her blessed buttocks!

Can you guys think of some superior saucy nicknames for our favourite Bad Gal, RiRi?

(Source: Drunken Stepfather via Instagram)


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