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Eszter Simor

The real-life superhero story of Batkid continues: San Fransisco's own pint-sized crusader has saved the day again.

Batkid is five-year old Miles Scott, who is now in remission after battling leukemia. Ten days ago, thousands of volunteers helped to turn San Fransisco into Gotham city and made the brave kid's dream come true: for a day he was Batkid, fighting crime on the side of his favourite superhero. It was a real celebration of the end of a long treatment and the first chapter of a new life.

Now, after saving San Fransisco from the Riddler and Penguin, the small hero is back in the real Gotham city: he flew to New York to appear in Good Morning America. As ComicBook reports, New York City mayor welcomed the Batkid, saying:

Hey, Batkid, it’s great to welcome another brave crime fighter to the real Gotham, New York City.

This time, Batkid defeated the Joker and saved the life of a celebrity, the rapper Pitbull. Check out the video of the heroic deed below:




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