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It's rare that casting news makes me squee like a little girl (but only on the inside, I swear), but the latest news coming out of the camp is that the director (who seems to be everywhere lately) is hellbent on signing (Yes, yes, a thousand times yes) to star opposite everyone's darling (whoo hoo!) in his latest project, The Ends of the Earth.

This is no surprise to longtime Russell fans, as the director commonly likes to recycle actors and actresses he's previously worked with, as do many directors. He and Bale previously teamed up for The Fighter and, of course, he directed Lawrence in Silver Linings Playbook, for landed her an Oscar for Best Actress.

Russell wants Bale to portray the real-life Ernest Marland, a role that requires an actor who can step right into the character's skin, with the balance to reduce the relatively high initial "ick" factor of the character: Based on a true story, Marland is the adoptive father, the "uncle" of Lydie Marland (to be played by Lawrence), who marries Lydie soon after his brother, Lydie's real guardian, passes away. Obviously, this is a tricky opening, and an actor who doesn't navigate it well has the potential to completely alienate an audience before it can get to the meat of the story, which centers on their eventual love and political maneuverings.

, , and are names that have all been bandied about for the role of Ernest, but Russell is apparently set on Lawrence and Bale, who he feels are necessary to make the complicated script work.

Audiences will get a chance to see Bale and Lawrence team up beforehand, along with Silver Linings alum in Russell's untitled 1970s Abscam drama, a tale of con artists and FBI agents which looks to be more straightforward and light than what The Ends of the Earth is offering. The untitled film starts shooting this month, so the pair will get a chance to see how their collaboration works before agreeing to jump into another one for Russell.

I, for one, will watch both of them in anything, ever, so here's to hoping their first time acting alongside one another is successful enough to see them paired together again in future projects.


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