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In four years, The CW's has brought to life a vast amount of characters from the DC Universe and evolved in ways we never expected. For example, and Superman are in the universe, but living in a different Earth than Green Arrow, Flash and the Legends of Tomorrow.

One elusive character that Greg Berlanti and company seem unable to get though, is . The Caped Crusader was recently mentioned in an episode of Supergirl, which confirms his existence on a separate Earth, but that begs the question: Does he exist in Earth-1 (where Green Arrow and Flash live?).

While watching the first season of LoT, I discovered new cleverly-buried that not only hint further at Batman's existence, but also confirm a pretty big Batman-centric event for the Arrowverse:

Arkham City Will Occur At Some Point In The Arrowverse

shows the location the characters are in by rapidly scrolling through different city names until stopping where they are, showing it like the workings of Gideon pinpointing the right place. In Episode 3 of Season 1, the heroes travel to Central City.

The scroll occurs but, if played it in slow-motion, several cities pop up, one of them being Arkham City, marked with the date 1975.

Legends is a time-traveling show, dealing with the repercussions of time as well as past and future events; Arkham City's appearance means Gideon was scrolling through locations that would eventually exist.

I'm not counting on the maximum-security prison (and overall bad idea) to have existed in the '70s as the cities usually have dates that don't relate to them; for example, when they travel to ancient Egypt, Metropolis appears with the date marked as "1,700 B.C.".

That's not all the Bat-love Legends had, though. In Episode 4, when the team travels to Washington DC, Gotham City is listed with the year 1985. This is huge, as it's the first time has been even referenced in Earth-1.

The CW shows have dropped other Dark Knight hints here and there. The biggest one before the Legends reference is in the very first episode of , where Bruce Wayne's mentioned in a newspaper reporting a merger between Queen Consolidated and Wayne Tech:

How it usually goes with The CW is that they tease a character several times before showing them. A big example is Barry Allen himself. Way before he was even introduced in , a few nice references to the character were thrown around, such as Laurel's mother stating she would get back home to Central City:

"I should be there in a flash."

We've had our fair share of Easter Eggs as well, including Barry Allen mentioning how a Ferris Air pilot's disappearance was the cause of one of their hangars shutting down. Heck, we even saw part of Hal Jordan in Arrow Season 4:

These references have prompted us to speculate on a Green Lantern appearance soon. However, Arkham City is a very important event in the and Batman's history, even if it's from a video game, so Legends of Tomorrow confirming it could be hinting that we may get to see The Dark Knight pop up in one of the shows in the not-too-distant future, perhaps even sooner than GL himself.

Marc Guggenheim even talked about his desire to include Batman in Arrow a year ago; from the look of it, the people behind the scenes are very passionate about it:

“At the end of the day it'd be so awesome to have Batman on the show. That'd be really cool. I don't think that will be happening anytime soon, but you never know…one day.”

There is, of course, the problem of Batman being the 's most prominent character at the moment. He could be off-limits for The CW because of that. However, did make his TV debut this year, which was way more successful than Henry Cavill's Big Blue Boy Scout, so anything's possible.

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It could just be a fun nod to comic book fans, but if I had to bet, I'd say The CW is paving the way for the Caped Crusader on the show, who these Easter Eggs confirm is somewhere out there in Flash and Arrow's Earth. What do you think?


With Arkham City confirmed in the Arrowverse, should we expect a Batman appearance in the not-too-distant future?


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