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It's early days for the DCEU, but so far Batman is everywhere. He hijacked Superman's sequel and turned it into Batman v Superman, he showed up in Suicide Squad to give Harley Quinn a slightly gross kiss of life, and from what we've seen so far of Justice League, it basically looks like Batman learning how to make friends.

That's no bad thing — Ben Affleck makes an excellent Caped Crusader, even if his Bruce Wayne is a bit of a wet fish — but you might think that, being a period action film set during World War I, Batman would be absent from Wonder Woman.


If you watched the new trailer for Patti Jenkins' movie with eagle eyes, you might have spotted an Easter Egg early on which teases a connection between Diana Prince's movements in the present day and Bruce's company Wayne Enterprises...

(Warner Bros.)
(Warner Bros.)

Yup, the stamp on the letterhead seems to confirm that Bruce is responsible for returning the original copy of the incriminating photograph Lex Luthor had in the files he'd assembled on Diana and her fellow metahumans. Personally, I'm not sure how useful having the original is when digital copies clearly exist, but who am I to question the mind of the world's greatest detective?

The photograph apparently triggers Diana's memories of what happened after she met Steve Trevor, taking us back a century to the events of WWI, but it doesn't feel like a stretch to suggest that it might also indicate a surprise Batman cameo in Wonder Woman. That would make sense of why there needs to be a dual timeline at all, while also making sense of speculation that the ending of the film will lead directly into Justice League...

...something these set pics from earlier this year also hint strongly at (note the "JL" on the truck's license plate). Still, there haven't been any actual photographs of Ben Affleck on set with Gal Gadot. If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say it's most likely that his physical presence in Wonder Woman will be limited to a post-credits scene.

(Warner Bros.)
(Warner Bros.)

Considering the trend of making trailers which give away the entire plot of a movie, it's interesting that we still don't have a clue what to expect from the modern-day, Paris-set segment of Wonder Woman — but, thanks to that Easter Egg, we do know that Batman is involved in one way or another. Hey, FOMO is a killer.

Wonder Woman hits theaters June 4, 2017.

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