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The latest episode of Gotham was full of suspense, drama and all round action; in other words, it was everything that we could've wanted from an episode of the budding superhero series. Although, to be fair, Gotham has been pretty impressive since returning to screens for its fourth season. And despite previous criticism for deviating from the comic book source material, the hit Fox series has been making great progress in developing the Batman mythology during Season 4.

While some comic book fans will continue to stand against Gotham for its deviations, there's no denying that show pays tribute to the Batman legacy in every way possible and it did so once again in this week's installment.

A '60s Batman Easter Egg

During Episode 4, paid tribute to the classic '60s series in an extremely subtle way. In fact, it was so subtle that only the most die-hard Batman fans would've picked up on it, so if you missed it then don't worry — you're definitely not the only one. After a mysterious young woman rescued Edward Nygma from his icy terror (the Penguin had froze him and put him on display in the Iceberg Lounge), it became clear that Ed was having trouble with his brain. Simply put, he was having a very literal form of brain freeze. The girl tried to stimulate the clever villain's mind by asking him a series of riddles. One of the riddles was "What's black and white and red all over?"

Have you guessed the answer yet? No, okay. How about now? Okay, okay, I'll tell you. The answer is a newspaper. Pretty clever. Want to know how I know the answer? Well, that's because I remember it being featured in the Batman TV series. During one particular episode, Frank Gorshin's legendary Riddler taunted Adam West's Batman by recording a series of riddles and sending them to the Caped Crusader. Yep, you guessed it: One of the riddle was indeed the same one that was featured in this week's Gotham. Check out the classic scene below:

As a long time Batman fan, I've always associated the newspaper riddle with the Caped Crusader's mythology and I was pleasantly surprised by its use in the latest Gotham. Considering that we lost Adam West this year, it's awesome to see Gotham paying tribute to the iconic show, even in such a subtle way. Additionally, while it's probably a coincidence, another thing that struck me about this week's Gotham was the music used as Ra's Al Ghul's score. Maybe it's just me, but I thought it sounded remarkably like a slowed down, creepier version of the Riddler's theme tune from the classic series.

Not The First Time 'Gotham' Has Paid Tribute To Other Batman Adaptations

This isn't the first time that Gotham has paid homage to previous Batman adaptations. Previous episodes of Season 4 have seen the series borrow several elements from Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins. In fact, Bruce Wayne's evolution into Batman is very similar to the version depicted in the 2005 blockbuster film. But I would have to say that my favorite tribute occurred in Season 3, when the hit series recreated the birth of Catwoman scene from Batman Returns.

[Credit: Fox/Warner Bros]
[Credit: Fox/Warner Bros]

I'm pretty sure that Gotham will continue to pay tribute to previous Batman adaptations as Season 4 continues. I mean, it's easy to see why the prequel series continues to do so, with a mythology that has been interpreted countless times across several platforms, there are many possible storylines to pull from and too many cool Easter Eggs to miss out on. Who knows what Batman movie will be incorporated next? I'm excited to find out, that's for sure!

Gotham airs Thursdays on Fox.

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