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The Flash is finally back and ready roll out amazing new episodes each week. The Flash is known for being the most fun show that DC has, so it's no surprise that the series frequently features some pretty amazing Easter Eggs. And while the show has never shied away from showcasing the Wayne name, from way back in Season 1 —remember the 2024 newspaper which reported Wayne Tech completing a merger with Queen Inc? — The Flash has still been quite resistant to dip its toe into the Batman world. But a teaser for Season 4 Episode 2, "Mixed Signals", indicates that The Flash may be borrowing something very dark from the Caped Crusader.

What Is The Babel Protocol?

In the trailer for Episode 2, we see a control screen for Barry's new suit which clearly shows something listed as the "babel protocol"' among the suit's new features.

'The Flash' [Credit: CW]
'The Flash' [Credit: CW]

In the Justice League of America comics, is shown keeping all the records of his fellow superhero friends including how to defeat them. This comic also served as a basis for an animated direct-to-video movie called Justice League: Doom. Both the comic and the movie showed how Batman's lack of trust for his fellow team mates lead to their downfall as, when the Babel Protocol is discovered by the villain (Ra'as Al Ghul in the comic and Vandal Savage in the movie), he uses it to defeat the .

The Babel Protocol was started by Batman as a means to neutralize his fellow League members if they ever went rogue. It was a record of files containing sensitive data about his team mates and was kept hidden by Batman from the rest of the League. To defeat the League members, Batman had identified their weaknesses and planned to exploit them if the need ever arose. He planned to defeat Wonder Woman by trapping her in a virtual reality battle against an opponent with whom she was equally matched, rendering her exhausted (and in the comic, her heart nearly gave out). For the Flash, Batman designed a "vibra-bullet", which would cause him to experience seizures at light speed. Each League member had a file with a similar method of neutralization. After these files were misused by the villains, the League expelled Batman from the team, as they were no longer able to trust him.

Now, it's hard to imagine that the Barry we know and love could be so distrustful that he'd keep tabs on Team Flash, meticulously designing ways to defeat them using their weaknesses — but it's certainly possible that the Speed Force made him more wary of the people around him. After all, Barry was betrayed by a string if Harrison Wells, not to mention Jay Garrick and Julian, and the real kick in the nuts must've been finding out that even he becomes a pretty psychotic person in the future. So Barry designing a fail safe to defeat all his friends really isn't that paranoid... right?

How This 'Justice League' Arc Could Play Out In 'The Flash'

Justice League: DOOM [Credit: Warner Bros.]
Justice League: DOOM [Credit: Warner Bros.]

Unlike Batman, it's hard to imagine Barry building this feature in the suit himself. Rather, Cisco could have invented the "babel protocol", as he is the one who performs modifications to the suit. With that in mind it's fair to assume that perhaps Cisco meant for the feature to be used by Barry to record the weaknesses of his foes — and it could be that the post-speed force Barry will also be using it to keep his eye on his friends. So what does that mean for The Flash Season 4?

With the Thinker dueling with Barry this season, it's fair to assume that the villain known as "the fastest mind alive" could hack the suit's system and misuse the "babel protocol", thus destroying the team by attacking them where it would hurt the most. This is actually quite similar to a Thinker related arc from the Justice Society of America comics, in whcih the Thinker (acting as an AI) feeds the Injustice Society information about the and even turns the heroes' headquarters against them. This would no doubt put Barry through the grinder considering that his friends would feel betrayed and he'd feel defeated.

Having said that, this is all just speculation so far, and we don't even know how the Babel Protocol will be used in the series. For all we know, it could just be a clever nod to the comics. Nonetheless, The Flash has got our attention with this clever albeit unusual Batman Easter Egg.

What do you think Flash fans? What could the 'Babel Protocol' be about? Sound off below!


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