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While DC is starting to find secure footing in the live-action comic book market thanks to Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman, the company has enjoyed great success with its animated movies for years. The films have served as adaptations for countless beloved comic book storylines, such as The Dark Knight Returns, The Judas Contract and All-Star Superman. Thankfully, we've just learned that the company is back at it again with one of Batman's most exciting storylines.

A Reddit user by the name of ElloAsty got ahold of DC's latest animated feature, (due to be released on August 15 on Digital HD and on August 29 in physical form) and posted this picture from its back section:

See anything peculiar yet? The fan spotted that one of the special features revealed 's next animated adventure:

"A sneak peek at DC Universe's next animated movie: 'Batman: Gotham By Gaslight.'"

Well that came out of nowhere. For non-hardcore comic book nerds out there who don't understand my excitement, was a completely different take on the Dark Knight than what we're used to. The story, written by Bryan Augustyn and drawn by Mike Mignola, takes place in 1889, and it shows Bruce Wayne going back to Gotham City after having spent years honing his skills abroad. Once in his hometown, a series of horrible murders start occurring, and we learn Jack the Ripper has arrived in Gotham.

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

Bruce is framed for the criminal's crimes, and believing him to be the infamous murderer, authorities imprison him. Our superhero's left to fend for himself while figuring out a way to stop Jack the Ripper. For the sake of keeping spoilers to a minimum in case you haven't read it, that's all I'll say about the story, but it's quite amazing.

With this adaptation being on the way, I wanted to shine the spotlight on three other amazing storylines that should get the movie treatment.

1. Batman: Hush

It's time for Tommy Elliott to get his chance to shine. Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee's comic book run centers on him, a figure from Batman's past coming back to Bruce Wayne's life to haunt him under the guise of . The most appealing thing about this story is that Bats doesn't walk out triumphant by the end. He ends up confused, paranoid, and alone, all thanks to Hush. Hush isn't about out-punching our hero; instead he plays mind games based on how well he knows Bruce Wayne, and quite effective ones at that.

We already know who the Penguin, Two-Face and Riddler are. It would be great to get a fresh new villain that not only thinks ten steps ahead of where he'll go, but who also has such a deep emotional connection with . Plus, it would be a reason for a pretty awesome fight. Let's face it, we can't have enough of that.

2. Death Of The Family

The Joker is a twisted guy, and we've seen that numerous times, but Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's takes the Clown Prince of Crime to a whole other level. This is a very interesting exploration of the character, because Joker is completely in love with Batman, and he's willing to kill anyone to make him realize it. That's pretty creepy on its own, but putting that aside, there's an appealing mystery to the overall storyline that an animated movie could build on.

For example, the ambiguous ending regarding the impact had on the Bat Family when he had them under his control would be fascinating to explore in animation. All of those elements would make an animated film based on it another awesome psychological exploration of the relationship between Batman and he Joker.

3. Batman: Zero Year

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

We might know Bruce Wayne's journey to become a vigilante in movies, but aside from 2011's Batman: Year One, the topic's rarely been explored in animation. Double-dipping on Scott Snyder, would fix that. Before you get your pitchforks ready, this isn't your typical origin story. It mixes a whole lot of intrigue, suspense, and family drama while still having its fair share of action, elements that make it one of the most engaging superhero origin stories around. DC Animated Movies have shied away from complex storylines in favor of easy-to-follow action as of late, so Zero Year would be a nice break from that.

Regardless of whether or not these ever see the light of day, I'm incredibly excited to know Gotham by Gaslight is getting this treatment. While unconventional, it's an interesting storyline that would offer a fresh take on Batman's story. The film currently doesn't have a release date, but with right around the corner, we'll hopefully get announcement sooner rather than later.

In the meantime, check out the trailer for Batman and Harley Quinn below:

How do you feel about us getting a Batman By The Gaslight adaptation? Which other Batman comics would you like to see adapted for animation? Let me know in the comments!


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