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To say that DC has found success in the world of animated movies would be a major understatement. For years now, they've thrived on their growing collection of acclaimed original animated movies, with each installment either telling a brand new story or bringing some of DC's most iconic comic books to life.

But at San Diego Comic-Con, DC Animation announced that their next animated adventure would be Batman: Gotham By Gaslight, an adaptation of the 1989 Elseworlds graphic novel. And now, they have released an eight-minute sneak peek of the upcoming film.

The sneak peek, which serves as a special feature on the Blu-ray, unveils the first footage of , including our first look at the World's Greatest Detective himself. Check it out below:

In the clip, we are introduced to the Victorian Batman, whose outfit it much different from that of the modern-day Dark Knight. But some younger fans may recognize it, as Ben Affeck's Batman sported a similar outfit in Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice's infamous nightmare sequence as an homage to the graphic novel.

You may also notice some familiar Batman characters popping up throughout the clip, including Jim Gordon, Barbara Gordon, Harvey Dent and Selina Kyle. But as fans of the comic will know, the film's main antagonist will be none other than Jack The Ripper. And judging by the sneak peek, he will be on Batman's hit-list as the Dark Knight makes his presence felt in a very different era.

Could We See More Elseworlds Animated Movies?

Elseworlds stories take some of DC's most famous and place them in alternate realities or timelines, allowing the storylines to take place outside of the DC canon. And with the animated adaptation of Batman: Gotham By Gaslight on the horizon, we have to wonder if we will see more Elseworlds animated movies in the future.

Over the years DC has given us some incredible storylines thanks to this imprint, and many of them would make great animated movies. The gothic style of the Batman vs. Dracula trilogy would make for an incredible series of films, and seeing the undead Dark Knight from Crimson Mist come to life in an animated movie would be enough reason to make it happen.

Could we see more 'Elseworlds' Batman animated movies in the future? [Credit: DC Comics]
Could we see more 'Elseworlds' Batman animated movies in the future? [Credit: DC Comics]

DC Animation has never shied away from bringing some of the most popular non-canon Batman realities back to screen. After all, we returned to the colorful world of the 1966 series in 2016's Return Of The Caped Crusaders and revisited Bruce Timm's epic DC Animated Universe in the recent Batman and Harley Quinn.

Moreover, we have also seen animated adaptations of some of DC's most iconic comic book tales, including The Killing Joke, Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox and The Dark Knight Returns (which many consider to be an Elseworlds story). Thus, having already explored many of Batman's richest realities, there is no reason we couldn't see more Elseworlds adventures like Gotham By Gaslight in the future.

The first clip of Batman: Gotham By Gaslight gives us a little preview of what could end up being DC's most unique animated movie yet. From the Gothic Victorian city to the battle between Batman and Jack The Ripper, it really seems like DC Animation has put an even greater amount of effort into ensuring this film is an authentic adaption of the iconic story.

Are you excited to see Batman: Gotham By Gaslight? Let us know in the comments below!


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