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Gotham has been exploring the Batman mythology for three seasons now and this season has taken the drama to a new level of heroism. Over the past few episodes we've seen the introduction of famous comic book characters including the villainous Mad Hatter, the Whispers Gang not to mention the re-birth of Poison Ivy as well as Captain Barnes' downfall due to the Tetch virus. As well as exploring the Batman mythology, Gotham has also veered off book in an attempt to build it's own unique universe, seen specifically through the alterations made to Penguin's sexuality and his hinted romance with Edward Nygma.

Check out the trailer for next week's episode:

We've also seen the emergence of many of the Batman villains and the show has already started setting up important comic book storylines including Penguin's mayoral campaign and Jerome's upcoming return as the character prepares to become The Joker. With all of this, you'd think it would be the perfect world for Batman.

However, due to bruce Wayne's young age, Gotham has been restricted with what the character can do. Having said that, David Mazouz has grown up since the pilot aired two years ago and it looks like some more Batman characteristics will finally be implemented into the character as the trailer for next week's episode features Bruce undertaking his first Batman task.

The Bat And The Cat Are Born

[Via FOX]
[Via FOX]

As you can see from the trailer, Bruce undertakes a task that requires more than his intellect — he will have to use gadgets. This marks a huge moment for the show because up until now Gotham hasn't really been able to explore such a storyline. Instead, it focused on building up Bruce Wayne as a strong character— equally as strong as his comic book counterpart — so that when he does become Batman viewers will have already connected with the character.

Additionally, Bruce is currently dealing with the Court of Owls — the secret society that run Gotham from behind the scenes and the people who are allegedly responsible for his parents' murder.

Instead of retreating like Catherine — the woman in charge of the Court of Owls — told him to, the young billionaire is continuing to pursue this line of enquiry which will no doubt require him to partake in a physical altercation.

Although he's still rather young and naive, Bruce is no longer a stranger to the streets. Throughout the past two seasons, he has found himself accompanying Selina on many of her dangerous rooftop missions and because of this he has become accustomed to taking on risky tasks. Again, as we can see in next week's trailer, Selina will help Bruce out with his mission as he pursues the Court of Owls — it looks like both Batman and Catwoman are officially born in next week's episode.

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Bruce Has Been Training For Two Years

[Via FOX]
[Via FOX]

Throughout both Seasons 2 and 3, Bruce has been training with Alfred in an attempt to become physically stronger. He may have a genius mind, but he's still only a teenager so the training will help him to become more physically capable of being able to defend himself when the time comes.

Bruce has found himself on the wrong side of too many criminals, including the Court and Jerome, so training will allow him to be able to prevent future criminals from getting the upper hand on him — sounds like a superhero to me. He may still be a teengager, but Bruce grows up to become the world's greatest detective and for that you need strength and agility — he's working on the strength and by the looks of next week's episode, the agility will come into play too.

[Via FOX]
[Via FOX]

With the city overrun with Hugo Strange's criminal experiments, Gotham is in need of a hero more than ever. While Jim Gordon appears to be filling that void for now, there could come a time when the GCPD is no longer capable of providing the safety that the city needs. With Gotham racing towards its mid-season finale, could we see Bruce take his hate for the Court of Owls to the next level? If so, we could be getting Batman on the show sooner than we think.

Gotham airs Mondays on FOX. How do you feel about a young Bruce Wayne preparing to become Batman? Tell me in the comment section below.


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