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Warning: This article contains spoilers from Gotham Season 3.

The third season of Gotham has been incredibly eventful so far and the writers have taken several steps to further develop the Batman mythology. With The Penguin running for mayor, the Mad Hatter terrorizing the folks of the city and The Riddler set for his debut in the coming weeks, Gotham has really stepped up its game this season.

The winter finale saw the newly resurrected Jerome Valeska wreaking havoc on the citizens of Gotham city and, in what was an awesome moment, Bruce and Jerome came face to face — no doubt a sign of what's to come in the future.

The most important thing from this jaw dropping episode was the transformation that Bruce underwent as a result of his time with Jerome. The physical altercation was wonderful, but it's what happened to Bruce internally that's worth noting. No matter what happens from here on out, this night has changed Bruce Wayne forever and there's no going back now.

Gotham Needs A Hero

Jerome was right, Gotham has no heroes. [Credit: FOX]
Jerome was right, Gotham has no heroes. [Credit: FOX]

While being held captive by the crazy Jerome, Bruce became frustrated at how easily the criminal was killing the citizens of Gotham. Moreover, it became apparent that there really wasn't any one person capable of stopping Jerome and this clearly annoyed Bruce. As much as Bruce would hate to admit it, Jerome was right — Gotham has no heroes. As much as Gordon tries, he cannot strike fear in the hearts of criminals and the crime rate in Gotham is still worse than ever.

It was because of this realization that Bruce decided to take Jerome out himself. Bruce became the hero that Gotham needed and knowing that he will become Batman at some point in the future, this scene is incredibly important. It was the first of many times that Bruce Wayne will save the city from raging psychopaths.

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The Batman Ideology Is Born

Batman's ideology is very apparent in "Gotham" now. [Credit: FOX]
Batman's ideology is very apparent in "Gotham" now. [Credit: FOX]

After the madness had come to an end, Bruce contemplated his actions and how he almost killed Jerome. He told Alfred how killing Jerome felt like justice but that he knows he could never cross that line. Alfred then quizzed Bruce about the purpose of their training, coming to the conclusion that it allows Bruce to defend himself if he should find himself in danger. With this in mind, Alfred made it clear that Bruce needs a set of rules if he should continue his mission — and it must include no killing.

It was a goosebumps inducing moment as viewers began to realize that they were witnessing the birth of Batman right before their very eyes. If you are even remotely aware of the mythology of the caped crusader then I'm sure you know that Batman does not kill — in his head, this is what separates him from the villains that he defeats on the streets of Gotham City.

Batman is officially born on "Gotham" [Credit: FOX]
Batman is officially born on "Gotham" [Credit: FOX]

As we've seen in the previous seasons, Bruce has been physically training with Alfred, bulking up and going on top secret missions with Selina Kyle. This scene between Alfred and Bruce was establishing the next step for Bruce — it was beginning his story as a hero. In this one episode, Bruce realized that Gotham has no heroes and he decided to step up and face evil head on, taking out Jerome. Yet he also established that he cannot kill Jerome otherwise he would be no better than the psychotic clown. There's no going back for Bruce now, he is a hero and he already knows his one major rule — killing is not an option. Be prepared folks, Batman's first appearance on Gotham may be much closer than we think!

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Gotham won't be back on air until April but that leaves us with plenty of time to contemplate what comes next for Bruce. With his training paying off and a new set of rules established, perhaps Bruce and Alfred will figure out what their next step will be together. Remember, Bruce is still investigating the Court of Owls so perhaps his new skills and superhero ethic will come in handy much sooner than we think. One things for sure — the winter finale was the beginning of Batman and I can't wait to see what happens next

Gotham will return for new episodes on April 24th. Do you think Bruce will don the Batsuit any time soon? Tell us in the comment section below.


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