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While DC's Wonder Woman is continuing to earn the DCEU high praise, DC's animated universe is going all in on one of their most popular female comic book characters, Harley Quinn. THR has reported that DC Entertainment plans to launch a two-part Batman/Harley Quinn digital comic book series. For fans of DC, this pleasantly shocking development comes weeks before the August 15 release of Batman and Harley Quinn's animated movie.

The upcoming digital comic series will reunite the brains that brought the Batman animated series to the comic strip: the Eisner Award-winning writer Ty Templeton and artist Rick Burchett. According to Templeton, this is a dream come true.

"I spent some of the best years of my career working with these icons and could not be happier to be returning to Gotham City and their adventures. And to top it off, I get to work with the incomparable Rick Burchett again! Pinch me, I'm dreaming. We're getting the band back together!"

Templeton and Burchett are just two names joining a prestigious team that features Batman '66 writer Jeff Parker, Wonder Woman '77 writer Amanda Delbert and artists Sandy Jarrell and Doctor Who's Matthew Dow Smith.

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

With a team in place, plans to launch the series Harley Quinn and Batman as a five-part lead-up to the events of the upcoming animated movie. The first of a five-part series is scheduled to release July 31, with a new comic dropping every other week. After the movie there will be an additional seven-part weekly series titled Batman and Harley Quinn.

In total Batman/Harley Quinn will have a 12-chapter history available in the summer of 2018. Until then, fans can stay entertained with the prequels before Batman and Harley Quinn's animated movie gets a digital release on August 15, 2017.

What antics would you like to see Batman and Harley Quinn get up to in the Batmna/Harley Quinn team-up?

(Source: THR)


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