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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne is Hela salty (yep, that pun stays until Thor: Ragnarok is in theaters, sorry) about Marvel's amazeballs new offering in a timely, funny vid from Movieclips.

Fans the world over lost their collective shit when dropped its crazy brilliant trailer, which sees Thor, Hela and Hulk smashing and bashing to the strains of Led Zep's intense "Immigrant Song." The only people less than delighted at this display of mastery — according to this clever vid, anyway — are Batman and Wonder Woman. Check it out.

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Is there anything sadder than Sadfleck Batman checking his emails and getting trolled by a smug Tony Stark about Marvel dominating in a way DC can only dream of? Well, yeah. Obviously, Suicide Squad took home an Oscar and made mega-bank despite getting critically panned, and the DC camp has some cool movies on the horizon, especially the name-checked Justice League mentioned in the video.

Some fans may enjoy picking a side in the decades-long Marvel vs. DC battle, but many of us just like seeing what creative new movies both of the comic book powerhouses put out.

Thor: Ragnarok will release November 3, 2017 and Justice League Part 1 hits November 17, 2017.


Do you choose to pick a side?


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