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Warning: This article contains spoilers from Gotham Season 3.

Gotham has been on somewhat of a roll this season, delivering some of the show's strongest episodes yet. While furthering the Batman mythology, the series has explored the origins of some of 's most famous enemies including Poison Ivy and The Mad Hatter. One of the greatest things about Season 3 is that the show ventured into new territory, deviating from the comics — Gotham carved itself a new pathway exploring the sexuality of Penguin and his unrequited love for Nygma.

Despite all of these compelling storylines, the show is about to get a hell of a lot more exciting after the latest episode confirmed that Jerome Valeska will be making a return from the dead. As well as this, it's also becoming pretty evident that Jerome is going to transform into and if this is the case then Gotham will further highlight its originality by allowing The Joker to exist in a Batman-less world.

However, despite being heavily promoted as a prequel before it premiered back in 2014, Gotham is more of a unique adaptation of the Batman mythology meaning that the creators are free to explore whatever storylines they choose.

Although it will most likely be Jim Gordon to silence the crazed clown and his criminal cohorts, there is an entirely different possibility altogether — perhaps a Batman and Joker confrontation could be coming sooner than we think.

Jerome Wants To Send A Message

Jerome plans to make a difference. [Via FOX]
Jerome plans to make a difference. [Via FOX]

While he was alive, Jerome made it clear that he wanted to send a message to the people of Gotham city. In his short but hellish crimewave, he managed to take the GCPD precinct hostage and murder Captain Essen — in other words, he accomplished that mission and before his death he even managed to brainwash several of the citizens of Gotham into believing in his ideology.

It is becoming more and more apparent that the psychotic villain will want to continue doing his work and will use his new cult to his advantage. However, before his murder back in Season 2, Jerome almost killed Bruce Wayne live on television in an attempt to send the people of Gotham a message.

Now that Jerome is being revived, there is nothing stopping him wanting to carry out this task again. By killing Bruce Wayne, Jerome would become all powerful and there would be very little Gotham could do to stop him. Bruce's murder would highlight that no one is safe from Jerome Valeska. If this is the cast then Bruce had better start preparing himself. While we know that Bruce cannot die, we're definitely excited to see these two iconic characters coming face to face again.

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A Twist On The Traditional Origin Story

Bruce actually holds some responsibility for Jerome's death. [Via FOX]
Bruce actually holds some responsibility for Jerome's death. [Via FOX]

It's a well known fact that in the comic books, as well as several previous on-screen version of the Batman story, that Batman/Bruce Wayne is responsible for creating The Joker. Technically, that need not change on Gotham. The last time we saw Jerome and Bruce together was moments before Jerome's death — Jerome was murdered while he was threatening Bruce Wayne.

As Jerome's resurrection will likely begin the character's transformation into the clown prince of crime, then technically Bruce played a part in the birth of the Joker because he was present for the death of Jerome. For Jerome, This will have bonded the two characters together and, if we know Jerome (or The Joker for that matter), he won't be able to resist meeting up with old Brucie during his stay in Gotham city.

Bruce Has Matured Since He Last Met Jerome

Bruce is already becoming Batman. [Via FOX]
Bruce is already becoming Batman. [Via FOX]

It has almost been two years ago since Bruce and Jerome came face to face and there is no doubt that such a face off now would be full of animosity and, quite possibly, resentment. However, in that time Bruce has evolved, maturing both physically and mentally. In fact, some would say that he's already started to exhibit signs of his Batman destiny. From training with Alfred to falling in love with Selina to taking more control in Wayne Enterprises, Bruce has already set the cogs in motion and for all we know his Batman days could be around the corner.

If Jerome does seek out his future enemy, then this time Bruce will have what it takes to fight back and resist. Moreover, with Selina at his side, the future Batman and Catwoman would have no issues with taking out Jerome then and there — what better way to become a hero than removing the ultimate villain?

Check out a preview for next week's episode "Smile Like You Mean It":

Jerome's reign of terror will start next week when Dwight Pollard resurrects him from the dead. While Gordon, Bullock and the rest of the GCPD will be busy trying to intercept and take down Jerome — and his cult of followers — I can't help but wonder if Bruce will be involved in this storyline and if he will come face to face with his future enemy. It's like The Joker says in The Dark Knight — these two really are destined to do this forever.

Gotham airs Mondays at 8/7c on FOX. Do you want to see Bruce and Jerome face off in an upcoming episode of Gotham? Tell me what you think in the comment section below.


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