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The internet's premier source for all Batman related news, Batman-On-Film, has released some snippets of information that could be viewed as a pair of Debbie Downers. But really they aren't. Allow me to explain.

A FOBOF (That's Friend Of Batman On Film) has revealed two pieces of info to said site pertaining to when we'll next see the Caped Crusader on the big screen. The anonymous tipster reveals that apart from his rumored 2015 Justice League Part One appearance, we won't see Batman again until 2017. That's the year when Warner Bros will supposedly kick-start a rebooted Bat-franchise. Depending on whether or not the Justice League movie does well, that is.

That's the bad news. We won't see Batman and the Joker going toe to toe in their own movie until 2017 and we might not see it at all if The Justice League movie sucks. I mean, would you be looking forward to a Batman Reboot if you'd just seen him sucking balls (not literally) in a terrible movie?

I guess the answer is: Maybe.

I detested X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but I'm really quite excited to see 's attempt at giving Logan the franchise he deserves. The Wolverine looks set to deliver and deliver, therefore Batman might just be able to survive a terrible Justice League movie. Rest assured, nothing can really kill Batman, even if this reboot doesn't get off the ground. I think the latest we will see a new incarnation of Bruce Wayne is 2018-19. You can take your kids, then.

And their kids.

The news doesn't come as a total shocker if you think about it. 2017 is just two years after the predicted 2015 release for Justice League. Captain America will be seen in his own movie almost two years after The Avengers was released, Batman could easily do the same.

What does concern me is the idea of letting the Batman of a team-up movie define the franchise that he goes on to lead. In my view, the new Batman should be defined in a couple of his own movies before he's thrown into the chaotic cocktail that is the Justice League. If you make a surly Batman who hates cooperation your jumping-in point to the character, you'll never again be able to create sympathy and understanding for said character.

This may not seem important to you ("I love Batman!"), but new audiences who've never met the Bat NEED that sympathy and understanding. You know where it comes from? An origin story, NOT a team-up movie.

Remember the origin story? Dead parents and all that? That's called a point of entry, wherein audiences can feel something for the otherwise gruff and unapproachable character. Which means those audiences buy into the fantastical acts he goes on to accomplish down the road and want him to succeed. It also means they want to come back for more movies.

If you don't do that, all Batman will ever be to everyone and anyone whose first experience with him is Justice League, is a grumpy, unsympathetic, caped psychopath who doesn't play well with others.

Yes, of course there are THOUSANDS of examples where a villain/anti-hero/unlikable character has their back-story revealed later and we learned to love them but this is BATMAN.


This isn't Ben Linus on Lost. This the goddamn Batman and because of that he affords himself the eyes of the nation. The nation consists of those of those of us who really don't dig a complex and unexpected character arc and those of us who do. The do-ers are in the minority though. Therefore, most of us need our Batman as the hero Gotham deserves, not a deranged vigilante with no explanation for his actions until 2017.

Superman: Batman won't kill people Hal, it's just not his way.

Green Lantern: Then why is he beating that mugger senseless but won't help us kill Sinestro so he doesn't eat the planet.

Superman: You'll find out Hal, in 2017. Until then, just accept how weird he is.

Green Lantern: I can't. I hate him.

Superman: We all do Hal, we all do.

So, you see, the only part of this news that I'm not a huge fan of is the fact that Batman might be portrayed in a way that's less than perfect. And that I can't have. Not now, not again. My memories of Clooney (his movie admittedly committed far greater sins than the ones I'm currently worrying about) still burn in my brain during the cold winter nights.

I propose that the good folks at Warner Bros resolve this potential thorn in Bruce Wayne's side by simply switching the dates. Make Batman return in 2015, let us get to know him and why he does what he does. THEN, and only then, let's jump into the larger universe of the Justice League in 2017.

Sound like a plan, Warner Bros?

When do you want to see the next Batman movie? Leave us a comment below!


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