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I'm going to open this article by telling you that it in no way has any real information about or relation to the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice...well, mostly. I know, I know. "But Moviepilot is supposed to be a place about SERIOUS BUSINESS news, not - not tomfoolery!" you might be saying. At least if you're 70, because who under that age honestly uses the word "tomfoolery"? But seriously, folks, sometimes it's just fun to share the silly, crazy stuff we find on the internet with our readers.

That brings us to Batman son of Superman. No, really. You might remember Batman Bin Suparman, a young Malaysian man whose ID went viral back in 2010 after it was revealed his name literally translates (in English) to "Batman, son of Superman".

Well, he's back in the news again, but this time for something a little south of awesome: It appears as if our superheroically-named young man is heading to jail for two years and nine months for some fairly serious offences, including stealing his brother's ATM card and withdrawing almost a thousand dollars, breaking into an office to steal money, and heroin use and possession. I guess the fact of the latter explains the need for the former.

Yikes. Caped crusadering, you're doing it wrong. We should probably just hold out for the real Batman and Superman (and Wonder Woman and Nightwing) in the summer of 2015 when Batman vs. Superman is set to hit theaters.

(from The Real Singapore via Kotaku)

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