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If you're somebody who felt the critical ravaging received by Batman v Superman last year was something of a dawn of injustice, perhaps even took it personally, you'll be heartened to know that Zack Snyder's controversial battle of egos has done pretty well for itself since the Ultimate Edition Blu-ray hit shelves across the globe.

According to the most recent data available, BvS has now broken into the all-time top 50 Blu-ray sales chart, so you can stop pity-buying copies for your friends and family.

Dawn of Justice currently sits at #48, with 2.32 million copies sold in the United States alone (there's no worldwide data available), and an extra $53.3m in the bank. Not bad for a movie described as "grim, humorless and painfully grotesque."

The whole list is pretty interesting — other notable entries include Toy Story 3 at #49 (2.3m copies sold), the best James Bond movie, Skyfall, at #35 (2.6m copies sold), Inception at #10 (3.4m copies sold) and Jurassic World at #7 (3.97m sold). Top of the list, unsurprisingly, is Disney's Frozen with a whopping 7.48m Blu-rays sold and $158m in revenue.

In terms of superheroes, last year's Captain America: Civil War is sitting pretty at #29 (2.78m sales), Iron Man 2 is #38 with 2.5m copies sold, and Guardians Of The Galaxy is #9 with a huge 3.74m sales. Interestingly, DC's own Man Of Steel, hardly a beloved movie, is a top 20 success at #19 with 3.29m sales.

Obviously everybody buys Blu-rays and nobody just pirates their favorite movies, so the list is a wholly-accurate reflection of the blockbusters we're actually watching.

You can read the entire list right here.

Will time regard Batman v Superman as a misunderstood classic?


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