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This dish may be a little heavy on the speculation side, but if you take a second to explore the logic, it all kind of makes sense.

If you haven't played either of the Batman: Arkham Asylum/City games, then you're missing out. Easy controls, beautiful graphics, and a gripping storyline written by one of Batman's finest writers, Paul Dini, combine to make the games not only the best Batman games ever, but also the best superhero games ever. That's no overstatement, check them out and you'll know what I'm talking about.

To the delight of many gamers, CosmicBookNews published a story last year claiming that the inspiration for the inevitable reboot of the Batman franchise will in fact be the Arkham game series, specifically the first: Arkham Asylum. But, after that, the news went quiet and fans were instead tantalized with rumors (which I still believe are facts) that a certain would be donning the cowl for a continuation of Nolan's franchise.

It seems today the candles of speculation and extrapolation have been lit again as new developments have arisen that seem to indicate that Arkham may be Batman's new home after all.

Fusible are reporting that Warner Bros has been buying up domain names (website addresses) that hint strongly at an Arkham vibe for the next Batman movie and/or game.

That's the kicker here; all of this fervent speculation could in fact be related to the next video game in the Arkham series, but just in case it's not, we've got the list of registered URLs below for you to check out.

The registered domain names are:

  • (Arkham Universe)
  • (Batman Arkham Universe)
  • (Batman Arkham Arises)
  • (Batman Arkham Begins)
  • (Batman Arkham Dark Knight)
  • (Batman Arkham Knight)
  • (Batman Arkham Legend)
  • (Batman Arkham Legends)
  • (Batman Arkham Night)
  • (Batman Arkham Origins)
  • (Batman Arkham Stories)
  • (Dark Knight Arkham)
  • (DC Arkham Universe)
  • (DC Arkhamverse)
  • (The Arkham Universe)

To me, Batman: Arkham Knight feels the most like a movie title. Arkham Universe smacks of online video game to me, though this option seems unlikely, as it would seemingly cause an internal scuffle at Warner Bros. thanks to their DC universe online MMOG already being out there free-to-play.

Make of the story what you will, but I for one would love to see the Arkham Asylum storyling on the big screen. It would fit into the chronology set down by previous rumors which stated we'd next see Batman, Green Lantern, and other member of the JLA as established heroes, with Superman the only one to get an origin story (in 2013's Man of Steel) before the JLA movie is released.

Perhaps the towering titan of pop-culture might even make an appearence as an old and crusty Joker if the Arkham movies come to the screen? One can only dream.

Make sure to [[follow]] the Batman Reboot to see just how the Dark Knight swings back into theaters.


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