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"Because he's Batman, that's why" is the reason given when the conversation comes up about why and how wins. It makes sense though. Over a decade of mastering multiple fighting styles, becoming a master strategist, and a vast amount of wealth that allows him to make a seemingly infinite amount of weapons and training gadgets — all of which would mean nothing if not for the victories he's mounted up over the years, chief among them is .

Because of Batman's rep, the question comes up from fans of Marvel comic: Which character has the best chance of beating Batman? Who has not only the fighting skills, but the mental fortitude and toughness to take on and defeat The Dark Knight? I've done a little research and have made a list of people who have the best chance of beating Batman.

1. Wolverine

Maybe more than anyone on this list, is the perfect match-up for Batman. If you base Wolverine's fighting skills on what you see on the movies, Wolverine doesn't stand a chance against Batman. The reality in comic books is that Wolverine is one of the most accomplished fighters of all. Beyond the years he spent in Japan mastering his technique, Wolverine has picked up skills in every discipline of martial arts on Earth and even a couple of other worldly (Logan used his Shi'ar pressure point technique on Gladiator's super strong son) in his century plus years on the planet. Logan is also one of the few people to have gone up against all of the greats and has either won or pushed them to their limit.

Batman's only chance at beating Wolverine is to make him go berserk. Make him sloppy and capitalize on Wolverine not being in his right frame of mind. It may seem like an easy task, but Logan has shown over and over that he can keep it together when he has to. Also, his healing factor is a bit of a trump card. The longer the fight goes on, the better chance Wolverine has.

2. Spider-Man

Spider-Man is NOT the fighter Batman is, but what he lacks in actual skill, he makes up in experience. Peter Parker has been for over a decade and a half (I'm talking in comic book time) and has logged in more fighting time than people who have been doing it twice as long as he, because Peter Parker is ALWAYS Spider-Man. If there is injustice, Peter will find a way to get in costume and get involved. On top of that, he goes on patrol at night to keep the streets safe. Because of his experience, Spider-Man knows his strengths and, more importantly, he knows his limits. He never uses his real power against anyone not named because he knows what his full strength would do to a regular person.

Batman has fought people with Spider-Man's skill set, but he hasn't fought anyone with Spider-Man skills, resilience, intelligence, moral code, and experience. Spider-Man has always found a way to win in the most dire of situations and doesn't lose often. I don't think there is anything that Batman can do that Spider-Man can't counter. And even if Batman tries to surprise Spider-Man, Spidey has his Spider-Sense that would warn him of the unexpected. The only thing Batman has going for him against Spider-Man is that they are on the same side. Batman could manipulate Spider-Man into a false sense of security and MAYBE capitalize on Peter's biggest weakness: guilt. That is, until Spider-Man sees Bats break someone's limbs to get info and then you'll see Batman webbed to a wall.

3. T'Challa (Black Panther)

For me, T'Challa is everything that people say Batman is, except better. Batman has trained for over a decade before becoming a crime fighter. T'Challa was a warrior before he became an adult. Batman may know many martial arts, but T'Challa knows them all on top of what he learned spending a time disguised as a Skrull. T'Challa is also smarter, stronger, faster, and Wakandan technology is far past anything that Bruce Wayne has come up with yet (key word: yet).

This is the one fight where I think Batman loses 10 times out of 10. This isn't like him fighting Wolverine, who has flaws that have been exploited on multiple occasions. T'Challa is calm, cool and, above all else, patient. He doesn't lose his cool and has plans to defeat everyone from the , The , to Galactus. I doubt Bruce Wayne would cause him much trouble in a fight, planned or not.

4. Steve Rogers

We saw a snippet of this fight in a Marvel versus crossover in the '90s and it ended terribly. After Batman and fought for hours, the fight ends with Batman winning after water flushes through the sewers and Cap misses throwing his shield at Batman while Batman connects with his Batarang. Batman wins in a cheap ending that no one was happy with. This fight deserves a real ending.

Cap does not have the vast amount of fighting technique that Batman does — not even close. But what he does have is years of training, indomitable will, a military mind, and hundreds of ways to hurt people. It's reasons like this that Cap gave Batman such a run for his money. Some people like Wolverine have to rely on their fighting skills because they can't keep their emotions in check, but Cap tends to not let his emotions get to him to the point he gets sloppy. Cap also knows how to read people as well as Batman does. There is no guarantee either of these guys win this match. It most likely ends with Batman and Captain America working together.

5. Iron Fist

Danny Rand is a man with very few flaws in his fighting technique. He is also a man who takes great pride in keeping his skills honed and also learning more about what else he can do. When Danny Rand saw a previous attach their Iron Fist to bullets from a gun, Danny knew that he had so much more to learn about his powers. Since then, Danny has learned to heal himself, his mind, and turn his entire body into an object of destruction.

Batman may actually have as much skill as Danny Rand in hand to hand combat. Problem is, Batman does not have the mystical powers of the Iron Fist. Does this power make Danny the winner automatically? No. Danny, for all of his skill, loses fights he shouldn't because he sometimes doesn't take things too seriously or he underestimates the situations he's in. The man can swat bullets, but was caught off guard by Norman's idiot Thunderbolts. This fight could go either way, but if Danny is focused, I'd put my money on The Iron Fist.

6. Deadpool

Let's make one thing clear: may be all fun and games at times, but he is far from a joke. More than anything, he is an underrated fighter, and, more than that, he is an underrated planner. Deadpool's biggest advantage (besides his healing factor) is that no one knows what he is going to do next. It looks like he doesn't know what he's doing, but by the time you realize he had a plan, it's too late and Deadpool has won. When Wolverine needed to a plan to confuse someone who sees everything coming, he went to Deadpool and that plan worked perfectly. This is on top of skills that have even made T'Challa mad (he spoiled Game of Thrones and T'Challa wasn't caught up), out thought Cyclops, has the faith of Captain America and Nick Fury to get a job done, and is probably the only person who can beat his opponents on a regular basis.

Deadpool is maybe the only person in comic books that can really tick Batman off. Sure, Joker has gone overboard and done some things that enraged him and scared him, but Deadpool talks so much and is so unpredictable that Batman might not be able to see a pattern in what Wade is doing. Batman does NOT like not knowing things. That said, Deadpool's annoyance leaves Deadpool at disadvantage here. Unlike Wolverine, Deadpool's bones aren't cased in unbreakable metal. Once Batman realizes he doesn't have to hold back, Batman would unload decades of anger on Deadpool. An angry, ruthless Batman is not a combo Deadpool is ready for.

7. Moon Knight

Once upon a time, was supposed to be Marvel's answer to Batman — Dark Knight, Moon Knight. Rich, themed weapons, faithful butler-like companion, and he even worked mostly at night, a detective on the police force he goes to for help and fought for the people in the street. As time went on, Moon Knight became something else; he became completely insane. He talks to his god Khonshu (that may or may not exist), he takes pride in hurting and maiming people (he's VERY good at it) and he also has no idea if he wants to kill bad guys or if killing is bad. All of these are entirely unlike Batman.

How does this fight go? Who wins? I have absolutely no clue. Batman is more skilled. Point to the Dark Knight. Moon Knight is tougher than anyone Batman has ever fought on top of being a skilled fighter. Taskmaster said it best, "Never met a punch you'd rather take than dodge have you?" Moon Knight enjoys the punishment he gets. In fact, I think it makes him stronger. I'd love to say Batman wins this fight, but if he can't knock out easily, how does he knock out a guy who enjoys taking punches and talks to crazy gods no one has heard of?

I know you all either agree or hate everything that I have said. Let me know in the comments below.

It looks like Batman's biggest challenge yet will be in the form of a new sidekick, as seen in the upcoming LEGO Batman movie:


Which of these guys has the best chance of beating Batman?


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