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Warner Bros. knocked it out of the park with IT, a commercial and critical hit that's continuing its impressive run in theaters. Audiences have become enamored with the film and, most of all, with IT’s frightening antagonist, Pennywise the Clown.

Since the film's theatrical release, hundreds of fans have created mash-ups and funny videos. Recently, one fan-made trailer has taken the internet by storm, which features everyone’s favorite Caped Crusader tangling with Stephen King's evil creation.

Fan Made Mash-Up Features Batman Going Toe-To Toe With Pennywise

YouTube user Adeel of Steel decided to mash up Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice with IT, and the trailer is something to behold. The fan-made trailer perfect splices together both films, but instead of Ben Affleck’s taking on Superman, the Dark Knight tackles Bill Skarsgård’s Pennywise.

The blending of the two trailers is almost seamless and really plays on Batman’s desperation in Batman v Superman. Sure, we’ve heard of people wanting to fornicate with (yes, that’s a real thing), we’ve seen funny videos of him dancing, but who would have thought that the terrifying clown almost seems to fit perfectly into the dark and haunting world that Zack Snyder created?

The most notable thing about the mash-up is how well the trailer works when you replace Superman with Pennywise. The entire narrative of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice makes a lot more sense when Superman is replaced by an actual villain — and an utterly terrifying one at that.

Sure, Batman has faced fearmongering villains and psychopathic clowns before in Scarecrow and the Joker — however, Pennywise is an amalgamation of both, which could cause some real problems for Gotham City’s Guardian. Bruce Wayne took the mantle of Batman to be the embodiment of fear for the criminals of Gotham, so how would he fare against the manifestation of fear itself? We don’t know how the battle would pan out, but it’s something we are dying to see now.

The success of IT means Warner Bros. will likely make a follow-up film, but it’s unlikely we will ever see Pennywise crossover into the . Thankfully, we have this wonderful trailer to entertain us as we wait for Ben Affleck’s triumphant return in the highly anticipated DC superhero team-up, , later this year.

Make sure you catch IT in theaters now and Justice League when it premieres November 17, 2017.

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