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Whether you loved or hated Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice last year, you've got to admit that some of the special effects in that movie were absolutely insane.

Sean Ray of The Moving Picture Company (MPC), who was one of the concept artists working on the film, recently released a fresh batch of concept images from the blockbuster that have never been seen before, reports

The images reveal a closer look at the planning that went into the creation of and as the appeared on the big screen.

The Evolution of Doomsday

Doomsday [Credit: The Moving Picture Company]
Doomsday [Credit: The Moving Picture Company]

The image above shows Doomsday in very early stages in the film. He looks extremely fresh, as if he was just coming out of the pod in which he was created.

The film's Special Effects Supervisor, Guillaume Rocheron, explained in an interview with Art of VFX how they decided to approach the look of the villain.

"Doomsday, in its final form, had a body that expanded so much that his skin was cracked open in places, exposing tendons and muscles which presented a real challenge for us. Generally a CG character is only built at high resolution on the outside and proxy muscles, tendons and fat layers are used for simulation purposes only. In this case, we had to build everything up to the skeleton in a renderable way because the cracked skin and extruded bones exposed a lot of the underlying anatomy."

The Streets Of Gotham City

As for Gotham City, it looks similar to that of a largely populated, dense city in the real world. You can see the city lights in the distance, as well as how it looks from street level in the below images.

Gotham City [Credit: The Moving Picture Company]
Gotham City [Credit: The Moving Picture Company]

Rocheron and MPC also revealed how they approached designing Batman's hometown, explaining how they wanted Gotham to feel as realistic as they possibly could.

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"The beauty and challenge of urban development is that every city is the product of decades of development and progress. To ensure the city felt realistically developed through time, the team decided to recreate and combine large sections of existing selected city sections and adapt the architecture and layout to fit Gotham’s. Thousands of photographs were put through MPC’s photogrammetry pipeline to create geometry and textures for each city section. This technique ensured that each building and street was completely unique which was made possible to render by MPC’s latest renderer update."

Gotham City [Credit: The Moving Picture Company]
Gotham City [Credit: The Moving Picture Company]

No matter what you thought of the movie, it's hard to deny that both Zack Snyder and MPC's attention to detail when creating the larger-scale elements of were quite impressive.

Did you like the special effects in Batman v Superman?

Are you excited to see what Snyder has in store for Justice League? Let me know your thoughts down below.


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