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Come on, guys. It wasn't that bad.


'Batman v Superman' [Credi: Warner Bros.]
'Batman v Superman' [Credi: Warner Bros.]

The preliminary shortlists for the major categories at the 2017 Razzie Awards just got revealed, and no film is in the running for more nominations than Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, last year's misunderstood masterpiece from Zack Snyder.

The , in case you don't know, are kind of like the except that instead of recognizing talent or great performances, they celebrate the actors and films which were completely, shockingly shit. Being nominated for one is kind of an honor in itself, and after her memorable performance in the deliciously awful Catwoman, Halle Berry accepted hers in truly epic fashion:

is on the list for Worst Sequel, Worst Screenplay, Jesse Eisenberg's interesting performance as Lex Luthor, Worst Director, Worst Picture and, most cruelly, the Batfleck himself for Worst Actor.

I'll say nothing about Henry Cavill's curious absence, other than leaving this here as a casual reminder that stankface ain't flattering.

Oh, Henry. 'Batman v Superman' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
Oh, Henry. 'Batman v Superman' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

The final shortlists (a total of five per category) will be revealed in two weeks, and even against unapologetically dreadful turds like Gods of Egypt, Zoolander 2, Suicide Squad and Assassin's Creed, you'd have to imagine that Dawn of Justice has a pretty good shot at taking home a gong or two. If shows up at the ceremony, we might even get a dramatic recreation of the iconic "MARTHA!" although frankly, I wouldn't bet on it.

Check back on January 23rd to find out whether the Batfleck will become the Sadfleck once again.

Come on guys, was it really that bad?



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