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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was full of so much content, it was easy to miss or forget a lot of content. I completely forgot about the depth of Lex Luthor's God complex and Lois's research into the mysterious bullet after the first time I saw the movie. It's not that I missed it, but the rest of the movie was so full that it was hard to remember it all.

Even the smallest of elements in Batman v. Superman may end up playing major roles later in the franchise. This could include things like the Omega symbol during Batman's dream, symbolizing Darkseid, and the videos of the other metahumans, foreshadowing the Justice League. But there was one major part we all may have mentally skipped over.

One Crucial Detail

Image: Warner Bros./DC
Image: Warner Bros./DC

Near the beginning of the film, Bruce Wayne witnesses a Wayne Enterprise building collapsing during the fight between Superman and General Zod. After it collapses, Wayne helps a man whose legs are crushed, and then rescues a girl who is also about to be crushed.

After rescuing this girl, he asks her where her Mom is. The girl, dramatically, points to the top of the destroyed building. Wayne hugs the girl, and looks to the sky, mentally vowing to fix all that went wrong that day. The question is, did he only want to kill Superman, or did he want to do more?

As we saw later in the film, Bruce continued to pay Wallace Keefe (the man whose legs were crushed) his salary, even though he no longer worked. Clearly, Bruce intended to go above and beyond just fixing the damages and killing the man seemingly responsible - Bruce wanted to help the lives of those who were changed.

So what did he do for the girl? Based on the circumstances of the battle, there's actually a good chance that this child was orphaned. Feeling responsible for this, Wayne has likely paid for her to be taken care of properly. But is that enough? Or is Bruce using this child as an investment?

Enter Robin

Image: Warner Bros./DC
Image: Warner Bros./DC

Based on his track record, whenever Bruce Wayne takes care of an orphan, he later turns them into Robin to be his trusty sidekick! Perhaps Wayne, seeing the same pain in this girl's life that was in his early life, knows that one day, she too will seek justice.

One must note that this particular scene was placed right after the scene showing the death of Bruce's parents. Was this a coincidence, or were they intentionally placed together? Knowing Zack Snyder, it was probably the latter.

Did We Just See Carrie Kelley in the DCEU?

Image: DC Comics
Image: DC Comics

To some, the concept of a female Robin may be a radical change, but those who know the comics well enough know that it's not really that radical. Batman has had multiple female Robins over the year, the most prominent being Carrie Kelley.

Carrie started as Robin when she was 13, but if she ever appears in a movie, she will most likely be a bit older. The girl in the scene above looked to be around 10. The main events of Batman v. Superman took place about 2 years after this scene. If she does appear as Robin, she will most likely appear in the untitled Batman reboot Ben Affleck is directing, which has no release date, but will probably be released around 2020 - 4 years from now. This would mean the girl above would most likely be around 16 by the time we ever see her become Robin.

Carrie Kelley in 'The Dark Knight Returns' (Image: Warner Bros./DC)
Carrie Kelley in 'The Dark Knight Returns' (Image: Warner Bros./DC)

Seeing a female Robin would be quite interesting, seeing as the previous live-action Robins have all been male. Perhaps Carrie Kelley could even team up with Barbra Gordon, a.k.a. Batgirl, who fans hope will appear in the DCEU soon as well.

Whether or not they keep the same actress for the girl is up to the filmmakers, but keeping the character around until the Batman movie could be a very worthwhile investment. Not only would it be interesting to see how the events of Man of Steel impacted the rest of her life, but it would also be realistic for Bruce Wayne's character to take her under his wing after everything that happened.

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Image: DC Comics
Image: DC Comics

Is this an absolute guarantee that this girl is Carrie Kelley? Absolutely not. But is it a possibility? You can bet your ass it is. It is in Batman's nature to adopt orphans with painful histories, so it would make total sense for him to take care of this girl. If he can continue to pay the salary of a man who lost his legs, he can surely also take care of a girl who lost her parents.

I hope that this girl ends up being Carrie Kelley. A female Robin would be awesome to see on-screen. If she is anything like Hit-Girl from Kick-Ass, then I am sold.

What do you think, though? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading!


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