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I would love to see the Rogues Gallery expanded in live cinema. Rogues Gallery have done Joker, Penguin, Catwoman, and The Riddler. I would love to see Killer Croc, Clayface, Scarface/Arnold Wesker, Deadshot, and others given their time in the spotlight. As far as Bane goes, I loved Tom Hardy's version, and they explored a little into the Knightfall Saga. I would actually pay hard earned money to see that on film, I mean it was a pivotal moment where Batman wasn't Bruce, and introduced us to a different Batman concept. I know that there have been substitutes along the way every now and then. I know that this has drifted into another subject, but when it comes to a character that is utterly alone in a pantheon of heroes that are augmented somehow or have superpowers where can you go wrong taking on a few subjects at once?

I actually also have to say I'm eager to see what Ben Affleck can bring to The Dark Knight. After seeing Argo, I think that he can pull off the worldly, battle weary, been there done that Batman. I have heard about the Justice League: Gods Among Us game, co-workers of mine have the game, and have said the story arc blows away anything that's been done in film. Which has made me think that I need to get a PS3, and get the game to see what they're talking about.

Now, the actors to play the villains. We have a cornucopia of talented actors to look at from the greats to those who aren't really well known yet.


I would have to say if done right, Troy Baker who voiced Joker in Injustice: Gods Among Us, for Joker.


Jon Hamm, he plays Don Draper on Mad Men. From what I've seen and heard, Draper is a nice guy on the surface, but it wouldn't take a lot to imagine that there's a dark underworld lurking underneath.


I would have to give that to Phillip Seymour Hoffman, I don't know how tall he is, but if given the right treatment. I would have to say that he would do justice to the character.


This is a bit tricky, Jim Carrey did well and had the build, but we would need a taller skinny actor that could play up the grandiosity of intellect the Riddler has built up. I say grandiosity cause he could never beat The Batman. Although I don't follow Dr. Who the last two actors that have had that role, David Tennant and Matt Smith, would be perfect aesthetically speaking.


Anne Hathaway was excellent, but where the Nolan universe doesn't exist now, she would have to be commanding but, quiet. Ambitious, but not over the top either. I wouldn't have to say use unknowns. But people who aren't well known can keep great actors on their toes, and turn in great performances.

Killer Croc:

I would dare say use Sam Worthington. He's done the Hero in the Clash of the Titans films, and in Terminator Salvation, we never got to see what put the character on death row to begin with. In Avatar he was awesome. So I would love to see him in an all out, I don't care who gets in my way kind of role. But most of these choices are for the original Rouges Gallery.

For Arnold Wesker/Scarface:

Why not use a real ventriloquist? I mean there's no one bigger than Jeff Dunham for that right now. I would say if he could be persuaded to delve into the dark side of the picture he would be a perfect pick. He can upstage himself when there's just one real person on stage.


This is a really ambiguous character, especially after the transformation takes place. You have no real human face anymore, so the actor that takes on this role, would have to be villain in voice, and mannerisms. And I'm, thinking that the actors voice would have to be deep, I mean deep, as in from the bowels of hell itself. I mean if they want to do justice to this character lineage, there can't be any campiness, or bright spots other than we know Batman will save the day.

Of course, these are just ideas, from one old movie buff. More to come later on the continuation of the Rouges Gallery.

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