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Matt Carter

There's been so much rumor and conjecture written about 's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice that it's difficult to separate the "unlikely" from the "hey, I just totally made this up because it sounds cool." The latest noise surrounding the highly-anticipated superhero showdown comes from producer Daniel Alter, who sent a tweet suggesting we'll see a Batman sending out drones to do his crime fighting for him.

Alter worked as producer on Hitman, so I'm not sure why he would have the inside scoop on Batman vs Superman. But if this is true, it suggests that the movie might be taking some inspiration from the Kingdom Come comic book. In it Batman has become alienated from Dick Grayson and uses his Bat-robots to remotely fight crime from his Bat-cave.

However, I'm not sure how true this rumor really is. It strikes me as odd that a project so surrounded in secrecy would allow somethig so major to get leaked.

What do you think? Would you be on board for a Kingdom Come storyline?



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