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On the steep road to production, one Everest survival drama has covered a long distance.

According to Deadline,Cross Creek and Walden Media will back Universal’s exceptionally well-cast depiction of the tragic 1996 Everest excursion with the hefty sum of $ 65 million.

The recent loss of a major investor was the last hurdle in need of overcoming before the movie could go into production.

I say bravo to Cross Creek and Walden Media as a film featuring the following list of fine actors certainly deserves to be made.

(Oldboy), (The Sessions), (Prisoners) and (Zero Dark Thirty) will all play mountaineers who get themselves into some incredibly bad weather.

All are great actors, all look fantastic in beards. As for the director: has impressed many with the ocean-set survival drama The Deep, which also signals that he is drawn to depicting epic man-vs.-nature struggles.

Everest will begin shooting January 13 in the Dolomites in Italy, and subsequently in Nepal and Iceland. It's based on Jon Krakaur's non-fiction book Into Thin Air.

But, as the headline indicates, another Everest adventure is in the pipeline, one directed by and backed by Sony.

That Everest movie eyes a March, 2014 begin for principal photography. Strictly from a business perspective speaking that should result in harsh box office environments for Liman and Sony.

As the box office battle between Olympus Has Fallen and White House Down has shown: it’s always better to be the first one out, when you are making two movies about the same subject.

Olympus Has Fallen was released March 22, 2013 and made $98 domestically. White House Down bowed three month later and grossed mere $73 million in the U.S.

If this scenario repeats itself, Kormakur and company will reach higher peaks, while Liman will lead a far less succesful (tragic) expedition to mount box office.


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