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You can’t hassle the Hoff, but can you tank the Rock?

It seems Hollywood’s number one actor is 100% critic-proof as, even though Baywatch has opened with overwhelmingly negative reviews, early indications are that audiences will still head to theaters to see their champ.

The last time one of Dwayne Johnson’s movies bombed at the box office was in 2014 with Hercules. Now, after three years of blockbuster success (The Fast and the Furious franchise, San Andreas, Central Intelligence and Moana), will Johnson’s win-streak come to a close with ?

Apparently not.

Baywatch Is Already $1.3 Million Heavy

Despite the negative reviews, Baywatch managed to garner $1.3 million in yesterday’s Wednesday previews, promising a great opening weekend for the movie, which officially opens today in the U.S.

Don't believe the anti-hype? Here is what Empire had to say about the summer blockbuster:

The mark Baywatch should be aiming for is 21 Jump Street. Bad news: it’s ended up more like 21 Chump Street.

Ouch! And if that's not enough to drown the movie, here is what Rolling Stone had to say:

Think of yourself sitting down for a big two-hour wallow in instant stupid with a vat of popcorn, slathered in fake butter and possibly a mound of melted M&Ms on top. It feels great chugging it down, then your stomach hurts, your head aches and you puke the whole thing up so you can forget about it in the morning. That's 'Baywatch' in a nutshell. Happy puking.

The R-rated flick, while not beloved by critics, is still the kind of easy popcorn flick that audiences want to see, especially heading into a long Memorial Day Weekend, as evident in yesterday's previews. And 's star power should help bump the film up in the final box office total. After all, that's what true movie stars do; they have the ability to take bad films and still get audiences to turn out. All in all, I predict the movie will be a massive box office success in the coming days.

It seems is indeed bulletproof.

Will you be seeing what the Rock is cooking in Baywatch? Let me know in the comments below!

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