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David Hasselhoff's on-screen Baywatch son — 36-year-old Jeremy Jackson — is facing jail time for a stabbing offense.

The incident in question took place in Los Angeles back in October 2015 when Jackson stabbed a woman in the back, arm and leg after she caught him trying to steal her boyfriend's car; he was arrested soon afterward.

Jeremy Jackson with his on-screen dad 'Baywatch' [Credit: NBC/First-run syndication]
Jeremy Jackson with his on-screen dad 'Baywatch' [Credit: NBC/First-run syndication]

After taking a plea deal to avoid a potential seven years behind bars, the former star was sentenced to 270 days in LA County jail and five years probation. He is also required to complete 52 anger management classes and 52 AA meetings.

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According to TMZ, the judge in the case gave Jeremy 109 days jail credit, which means he will spend a grand total of 161 days in the slammer for the crime.

This isn't the first time Jeremy Jackson has been in trouble with the law. The actor was also arrested back in 2005 for running a meth lab in his own home.

I know that stars often receive lighter sentences than us common plebs, but who knew that splashing about as Hobie Buchannon for one forgettable minute was enough to get the lightest of taps on the wrist for stabbing someone multiple times?

Do you think Jeremy Jackson's sentence is too lenient?


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