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Abi Toll

We have been informed that Baz Luhrmann is collaborating with producer Shawn Ryan (The Shield, Terriers) and scribe Stephen Adly-Guirgis (The Motherfucker With the Hat) on a new music-inspired drama, exploring the evolution of hip-hop.

As you can imagine it's going to be heavily music-focused, where 'Executives at Netflix, Amazon, and FX have all heard the pitch for the project this week'.

Whilst there are no specific plot details about the currently untitled show, have said that it will reportedly:

Spend its first season in 1977, with disco peaking and the Sugar Hill Gang's 'Rapper's Delight' still two years away. While it's not a musical — characters won't randomly break into song — it will have heavy musical elements and performances. The series will tell the stories of five young New Yorkers, with a focus on two best friends: one a talented writer, the other a natural performer. A person who's heard the pitch described the series as a coming-of-age story at heart, as well as a look at how hip-hop was born. Episodes may flash forward to reveal the fates of the central two characters. The grim state of New York City at the time — high crime, the city's financial crisis — also sounds like it might be a character of sorts.

It hasn't been established if will collaborate with anyone from the hip-hop scene, but what with his new found friendship with Jay-Z and collaborator on the The Great Gatsby soundtrack, I'm sure he'll have a whole world of hip-hop made available to him.

Can you imagine Luhrmann's unique and flamboyant style translating well into a television series, or do you think it will be too odd?




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