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Tino Jochimsen

Great Odin's raven! On March 3rd, we’ll be able to judge how successful the History channel's efforts to get into the original series game were.

On said date, Vikings premieres on History and the concept indeed sounds enticing. And by concept I mean VIKINGS! Being a great fan of viking films (the 1958 Kirk Douglas classic is a childhood favorite), the sound of a TV show depicting the bearded Norse badasses' life is music to my ears.

Music not unlike the eerie theme, a track called 'If I Had A Heart' by Swedish artist Fever Ray, from the opening credit sequence which can be watched below. The whole project, of course, sounds quite a bit Game of Thrones-y with blood, boobs and good writing hopefully being the strong points of the created TV show.

Hirst is also responsible for The Tudors, so at the very least two out of the three strong points are a given…



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