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Brian Salisbury

Whether you fell head-over-heels in love with 2012's indie hit Beasts of the Southern Wild, or you weren't that, well, wild about it, one thing that cannot be denied is that the future for its young protagonist was far from sunny. played Hushpuppy, a tiny dreamer living in a ramshackle community in the bayou, forced to largely raise herself as her father's health deteriorates. The performance netted nine-year-old Wallis a nomination for Best Actress at this year's Academy Awards.

But, that's not the only attention Beasts yielded. According to Entertainment Weekly, it now appears that Wallis is in consideration for Sony's upcoming Annie remake. The second big-screen adaptation of the Broadway musical will be directed by (Easy A) with 's Overlook and 's Marcy Media producing. The story follows a young orphan who is suddenly temporarily adopted by an affluent, but curmudgeonly industrialist. John Huston directed the 1982 iteration. The producers have been quick to note that as of now, no official casting choices have been made.

There's a weird set of circumstances here that make this piece of news quite pleasing. It is true that Annie was a film very important to my childhood, and I'd hazard the childhoods of many others. However, it's not as if the 1982 film occupied so lofty a place of honor in my mind that to see it remade smacks of treading on holy ground. This is a story well-worth re-adapting for a contemporary audience, and I find the prospect of casting Wallis inspired. Given the basic parallels in the dire situations of both Annie and Hushpuppy, this seems like a perfect, if speculative, casting choice.


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