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As March 17th inches its way closer, fan anticipation for the live-action Beauty and the Beast starring is at an all-time high. The final trailer for the film was recently released, and with the star-studded cast and the glorious set, the film promises to be everything we hoped for.

In case you missed the trailer, get the feels now by watching it here:

Fans around the world are showing their avid support for Disney's newest live-action film by showing off their own creativity. From cosplays to makeup products (L'Oreal just released a Beauty and the Beast Makeup Collection), it's clear B&B mania is in full swing.

But by far one of the most creative recent pieces involving the upcoming film is the hilarious mashup titled, Beauty and Lord Voldemort created by the Norwegian Youtube channel PistolShrimps.

The sketch starts off by zeroing in on a portrait of a young Tom Riddle, with the telling scratch marks etched across his face.

Tom Riddle a.k.a Beast [Credit: Disney, Warner Bros. and PistolShrimps]
Tom Riddle a.k.a Beast [Credit: Disney, Warner Bros. and PistolShrimps]

It then moves to show Belle entering the solemn castle, lighting up the ominous entrance by using her wand to cast a Lumos spell.

[Credit: Disney, Warner Bros. and PistolShrimps]
[Credit: Disney, Warner Bros. and PistolShrimps]

Using a combination of shots from the trailers and excerpts of Lord Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes) from the Harry Potter films, the re-purposed trailer tells a new story, a love story, between Beauty and .

[Credit: Disney, Warner Bros. and PistolShrimps]
[Credit: Disney, Warner Bros. and PistolShrimps]

The entire trailer is hilarious and well-done, bringing equal parts of Belle and Hermione, possibly highlighting the fact that Emma Watson's role for both of these characters are quite similar (smart, adventurous book-lovers). Recently, Watson even spoke of her inclination to play Belle after turning down the live-action role of . In an interview with Total Film she said:

"I didn't know they were going to make 'Beauty and the Beast' at the time I turned down 'Cinderella'... But when they offered me Belle, I just felt the character resonated with me so much more than Cinderella did."

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It's strange to see thrown into this lighthearted universe, but PistolShrimps pulls it off with flair and the special effects are convincing. Sharp-eyed viewers will notice subtle appearances of many Harry Potter characters as the comedy sketch moves through the world of Belle and the Bea– I mean,Lord Voldemort.

Buckbeak the Hippogriff makes an appearance as well as Hermione's otter patronous, and Belle can be seen running from the Killing Curse.

One of the most amusing parts, for me, is when Chip exclaims, "Hello, I'm an elf!" in Dobby's chirpy voice. Mrs. Potts even reassures Belle of Voldemort's true compassionate nature when she tells her that "Tom isn't as terrible as he appears." And the video becomes especially comical when Lumiere asks Voldemort to show him "the smile."

How frightening! [Credit: Disney, Warner Bros. and PistolShrimps]
How frightening! [Credit: Disney, Warner Bros. and PistolShrimps]

PistolShrimps Youtube channel is described as:

A sketch comedy duo from Norway, known for movie parodies and other pop cultural mashups. The channel consists of Stian Hafstad and Christer Larsen, and was started in 2008.

We asked the YouTubers where they got the idea for a Belle and Lord Voldemort relationship and they admitted it came about when composing another video.

"We're adding some 'Beauty and the Beast' content together with some 'Fantastic Beast' scenes. The first thing we did was the scene when Belle tells Beast/Voldemort to turn around. And that worked pretty well, and suddenly more and more ideas started to come."

A Beauty and the Beast and Fantastic Beasts collab? Sign me up! PistolShrimps has made a number of viral videos, several of which are Harry Potter themed. In February 2015 the duo won the award for funniest channel at the first annual Norwegian YouTube Awards. Stay tuned to see more of their awesome videos!

Check out the full 'Beauty And Lord Voldemort' video and tell us what you think in the comments below.


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